Xbox One S; Brief Review

Xbox One S review

Xbox One S, the latest console spun out by the creative minds at Microsoft which will be replacing the much-appreciated Xbox One. However, it would be fair to say that the new Xbox One S comes with advancements that should have been included in the original Xbox One.

The assessment is both fair and unfair. Unfair primarily because the mid-cycle refreshes that almost all consoles face during their lifetime, Xbox One S surpasses all of them by leaps and bounds. But fair, because the original Xbox One had the vision of taking over your living room and being much more of a media hub than just a gaming console.

When Microsoft first unveiled their premium console, it seemed that gaming was the last priority that Xbox intended to fulfill, and needless to say, such marketing strategy adversely affected the sales. Eventually, however, Microsoft regained the balance and reprioritized the list, working rigorously to bestow the console with stellar gaming titles. Further, Microsoft also released the new console to replace the big brick that used to look like a VCR from 1987.

The Xbox One S is slimmer, sharper and blessed with a plethora of features that make this a unique offering, especially for the small price-tag. The console is undoubtedly gorgeous; the “Robot White” color tone integrated into the small form-factor makes the device look clean and premium. A further minimization of the clutter occurs from the incorporation of the power supply into the device itself. The new console only requires a cable to power up.

It should also be pointed out that the new Xbox One S plays the same games as the Xbox One with no compromise on quality and compatibility. This should be a sigh of relief for current Xbox One users as their decision to upgrade depends on two things, that is, the look of the console and the support for better (read: 4K) video quality.

The support for 4K and VR gaming would come with the console codenamed Project Scorpio. One, that Microsoft has scheduled for 2017. This should be another point for omitting this mid-cycle refresh as a better upgrade is coming along next year. True, games supporting HDR would be released for the Xbox One S, however, no such title has been released with the console which is a miss on the part of Microsoft.

To sum it up, this undoubtedly gorgeous console is for people who just can’t wait to leap in the realms of HDR gaming or want a Blu-Ray player that supports 4K video. For the rest of us, it’s ideal to wait till the next update.

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