Xbox Application For Windows 10

Xbox Application For Windows 10

Microsoft brought out a comprehensive Xbox Application for Windows 10 for users who have both, a Windows 10 compatible device and an Xbox gaming console. The application allows users to have complete control over their gaming console, even while they are not playing. Further, the application allows access to game achievements and friend lists between the two devices.

The app is designed in a fairly simple way. However, we will be briefly covering some of the nifty features included.

The first thing that one notices in the application is the friend list. The friend list stays in place whether the application is being used on a desktop or a tablet. The friend list is bestowed with a search bar for instantaneous searches, allow you to start a party regardless of your friend’s PC or Xbox connectivity, check activity alerts and send messages.

The application also allows you to check the achievement leaderboard, allowing you to have a look at your friends’ achievements over the past thirty days. Further, the application also includes the ability to compare scores with your peers while also letting you check the list of games that you have unlocked achievements on.

Your captured screenshots and video clips of in-game action are also accessible through this application. From the application you can easily share content on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook and also on your activity stream.

A trending section is also present which allows you to have a look at the popular creations that Xbox users have crafted using the Xbox One’s Studio. Further, the section also includes community challenges that are posted by developers and are open for all players. You can also view videos uploaded by other users via the Studio Upload.

There is a My Games section as well which lodge all the games installed on your desktop. The games aren’t limited to Microsoft or Xbox titles. Instead, the Xbox Play Anywhere titles will also reside here and allow cross-platform gaming. The games installed on your Xbox One Console would be lodged in the Followers and Following Section.

The Xbox application is currently available in the Windows Store and the respective application stores of both iOS and Android platform.

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