WordPress Design Practices that will Make You a Better Developer

WordPress Design Practices

WordPress offers the best platform for developers to build websites or themes and plugins. This is one of the most widely used CMSs in the world. However, if you are thinking about web development on WordPress, there are a couple of things that you need to do. The following recommendations on best practices will make you a better developer on WordPress.

Keep up with the design trends

When it comes to web development, nothing is set in stone. Some of the designs that were believed to be indispensable a decade ago are obsolete today. There are so many styles used in web design. The most recent style is the parallax scrolling. The design is simple but very effective as a motion design technique. It helps create an intriguing effect. There are other common trends which include material design and infinite scrolling. The design you end up choosing should follow the Google good design rules and should also be relevant to your business.

Commit to responsive design

Another very important thing you need to do is to always commit to responsive design. This is a design that involves the ability of a website to adjust to every user’s screen size, platform and device orientation. About five years ago, responsive web designs were optional. Today, they are a requirement. They will have an impact on the website’s bounce rate as well as ranking on Google. Ignoring responsive design would mean losing about a third of website traffic. Creating a responsive design is easy. You can also use Salesforce Developers tools to make your work even easier.

Make the content easy to access

There is nothing more discouraging than a high bounce rate. This is not only frustrating but also scary. One of the reasons why websites have a high bounce rate is because their content is either poor or hard to access. The decision to stay on a website or to leave it is made within a few seconds. It is your duty as the web designer to make sure that the website is appealing enough for visitors to linger and even look around.

A high bounce rate is a result of poor layout choice, plain old irrelevant or low-quality content and lack of search options. A website that takes too long to load up will also increase the bounce rate. As a designer, you have to make it easy for visitors to determine which part of the website contains the information they are seeking. The navigation ought to be friendly and everything should be labeled properly to prevent confusion.

White space is good

If the page is filled to the brim without any room for white spaces, chances are your visitors will be bored. White spaces make it easy for visitors to consume the content. You want the users to be drawn to your content naturally. This will only work if there is effective use of white spaces.

These are just some of the crucial things you need to do in web design. If you are new to the process, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of a professional web designer.

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