Why Android App Development is Getting More Popular Rather than iOS

Android App Development

You must have heard the debate in most of the places between Android app and iOS, which one is better, which one is getting more and more popularity these days and so on. Both Android and iOS are the two most important and popular operating systems used in mobile platform almost all around the world. In the hyper-competition world of technology here can only be one leader or the winner, and the majority of people believe it is Android.

Here, in this post, we are going to discuss about Android app and iOS and its difference, the advantages of using two different apps and to choose the best one. Here, we have also discussed why you are better off owning an iOS based iPhone or an Android phone.

Let us jump in a take a look

There is something for everybody on the Android platform. Some people believe Android is easy to operate and maintain, better than iOS. Indeed iOS is one of the best and safest app produced by Apple, but Android for everyone, whereas iOS for few people. It is not just about the price, but for its user-friendliness and compatibility. Albeit, the sheer variety of Android based devices from world renowned manufacturers like Sony, LG, ZTE or Samsung and others are staggering. Both with Android and iOS you can get a smart and compact phone, something with a lavish touch screen, a stylish and rotating camera, a big screen or even a physical keypad that is found on blackberry.

There are some niche demands like two SIM cards often called dual SIM cards are catered for as well as the flagship devices that are on the cutting-age solutions, in the time it comes to the specifications. There are also some features that you just cannot get with the Apple’s devices as well as removable battery. In as much as some of the Android manufacturers have moved away from offering the extra things that people generally look for, but the astonishing thing about the options are there are some manufacturers that are still there.
The factor of Compatibility – When you think about app, you must see the phone you are about to buy is built on native or hybrid app. If you see it is a native one, then you have more safety, compatible in specific device and longevity. On the other hand, when you think about hybrid app, then you are sure that you are going to use it in different devices, which is the example of Apple iOS – the native app and Android app that has been using in many devices.

The price to be fitted your need

The price need to fit your need. If you are buying an Android based mobile phone, you must sure that you are going to get one that is much cheaper than Apple iOS. It is friendly and easy to operate rather than iOS. Therefore, the demand of Android app is high.

Think about Customization

Only you can customize the Android app, it is not possible to customize the iOS, because it is a native one and only Apple has the authority to do it. When Apple will do it you will get an update from your lower to upper version. But, for Android is it an easy task to do.

Think about Performance

In terms of performance, both are good, but when you get the easy license to use then Android is the best bet for sure. It is great to go with the Android rather than iOS, because you will get to use it when you get the license and that you will have for an original one.

Multitasking Abilities

The multi-tasking abilities of both the apps are good, though the as far as the user friendliness is concern it is of a great to go with the Android rather than iOS, because you will get to use it when you get the license and that you will have for an original one.

The described five things are some of the most important things for which people are using Android apps rather than using iOS, due to the reason, the great number of people these days are in searching of Android based mobile phone, better to say Android based smartphones. Therefore, Android app development is getting more and more popular rather than iOS.

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