7 Important Steps to Follow In Order to Create an Eye-Catching Whiteboard Video Animation

Whiteboard Video Animation

Among all the categories of video animation, whiteboard animated videos are considered to be the easiest and most interesting type of video animation if it is designed properly. In spite of being the easiest kind of video animation, many fail to provide a fine quality in the whiteboard animation service they provide.

In order to create a perfect whiteboard animation, it is essential that the animator is aware of all the essential steps to create an eye-catching video to attract the audience. Mentioned below are seven crucial steps that are needed to be taken in order to create a high-quality animated video.

Recognize the Reason behind Creating the Whiteboard Video Animation

It is important for the animator to understand why they are creating the whiteboard animation. There could be hundreds of reasons such as for the entertainment purpose, or for promotional advertisement purpose. Knowing the reason behind creating the whiteboard animated video production will ultimately help you create the relatable video and script that is relevant to the theme and target of the audience.

Create a Storyline That Delivers the Right Message to the Audience

Once you understand the reason behind creating the whiteboard animation, then it will be easy to realize who will be the target audience and how the story has to be in order to deliver the accurate message to the audience. The scripting plays a very vital role in making the video worthwhile; without a proper story, a video will only be a waste of time, and it will not interest the audience as well. The ultimate goal of creating the perfect script is to ensure that the right information has been passed on well to the respective audience.

Think of Creating the Characters Artistically

Characters are the central pillars of any story. If the characters of the story are not planned properly then no matter how good the plot is, it will never go to capture the attention of the audience. It is normal human psychology that we get interested in the video or story that we can relate to ourselves, if we couldn’t find anything that interests us, then we don’t provide consideration towards it. It would be a better option if you would use the audience persona in order to create interesting characters so that the audience will take pay attention to it.

Hint: You need to study the real-life characters in order to create the characters of your story.

Proofread the Script You Created

Once you finish writing the story, then the next foremost step you need to perform is to revise your script to make sure that there are no visible mistakes in it. Another wise decision would be to read your script in a loud voice that is audible to your ears, so that you can also hear the story and decide whether the story sounds appropriate or not, and also check whether the message is clear through the content or not.

Select the Most Appropriate Software for Creating the Whiteboard Video Animation

Out of so many tools to create a whiteboard video it is the job of a professional animator to select the best tool in order to create a stunning video. It is understood that not all the software can be trusted completely, which is why it is vital to have the right knowledge about all the software so that you can select the best of them to create the video.

Keep the Traditional Elements in Mind

Unlike other forms of video animations, there are some definite rules that are needed to be follow to make the whiteboard animation video looks like it should be. The custom is needed to be followed strictly to create the perfect whiteboard video. There are three primary elements, which has to be there that include a white background, black drawings, and a drawing hand.

Don’t Forget to Interlink the Drawings

It is also one of the important aspect of the whiteboard animated videos that the drawings are connected to each other to show that the scenes are in continuity and are spontaneous.

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