Which Traffic Source Is Better? Organic vs Paid Traffic

Organic vs Paid Traffic

Many companies while considering marketing online and appealing to the web users consider between two options. Hiring an SEO expert to do the work or paying search engines to market their website. Google paid searches are most commonly used for pay per click (PPC) searches. But making the right choice is not that easy as you have to factor in various things before leaping to the decision. They primarily depend on your organization’s requirements and the type of content that you are pushing.

Like all other things in life, the right strategy for most organizations is a balance between PPC and SEO. In order to aid you in the decision making process we have put together a list of the factors that you should consider during the planning phase.

Traffic generated with the help of SEO is mostly organic and undoubtedly SEO is the primary generator of organic traffic. It must be pointed out that organic search results do not cost you a penny for the organic traffic generated. Paid searches and paid traffic on the other hand require you to pay per every visitor (or the number of clicks made to your website). On the bright side, PPC content is shown on top of the organic search results.

It must also be pointed that landing your website on the first three spots of the Search engine results page is a tough job and depends on how well your website is optimized. However, coming in the top spot is definite with PPC campaigns.

Factors to Consider


If you are a new startup short on budget, then it is better to bypass paid search results in favor of organic searches.


Proper SEO implementation requires constant testing and nerves of steel as getting in the top spots requires a lot of patience.

Search Engine Algorithms

Search Engines are constantly updating their ranking mechanisms. With SEO implementation you need to adapt your website with the current trends as staying out-of-the-loop would invariably affect your web presence. PPC campaigns, however, are immune to such changes.


If your pocket permits, then it is ideal to include PPC as a part of your marketing campaign till you establish considerable brand recognition on the internet.

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