Which Is Better For Child Safety?

Apple vs Windows

In today’s high-tech world, children are picking up tablets even before they pick up books. Picking up technology at a very young age also opens children to the dangers of the internet including social media and the harsh facts of the world. If you are in the market for a new device, here is a quick rundown for child safety Mac vs PC:


In general, PC’s have some great parental security features. As long as you don’t accidentally allow a child to log into an “adult” account, you should have a pretty good set of features on hand. One thing you do want to ensure even with PC parental controls enabled is web security- which can be done with sites like OpenDSN that offers a variety of parental controls during browsing.


Most Apple devices, including laptops and tablets, have the option of parental controls. The mac controls are comparable to their PC counterparts. If you are looking to a new device, the best place to buy a mac is from an apple premier partner, as these stores will have a staff that is highly trained in all features.

Vigilance is Key

While Mac and PC have approximately equivalent protection, it is vigilance rather than perhaps any one software or program that will keep your children safe. Make sure that you have parental settings on any electronic device that your child could possibly access. You should also be prepared to discuss certain aspects of going online with your kids- let them know what is off limits and why.

Seeing your child grow up can be hard, but introducing them to the potential dangers of the internet is even harder. Careful planning and prevention can go a long way in protecting your children from future dangers.


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