US Senate Replacing Blackberry With Modern Era Phones

US Senate Replacing Blackberry With Modern Era Phones

Blackberry Limited formerly known as Research in Motion (RIM), one of the greatest enterprise phone manufacturer for a long period of time is finally getting ditched by the US Senate. The news comes from the US Senate’s Sergeant at Arms (SAA) who announced a few days prior that staffers will now be unable to generate a request for new BlackBerry OS 10 devices for their official work. This includes devices such as the Q10, Z10, Z30, Passport, and Classic. In order to replace these devices, the SAA is offering the Samsung Galaxy S6 if you wish to choose an Android smartphone or the 16GB iPhone SE if you are inclined to try the iOS lineup.

However, it must be noted that existing Blackberry users won’t be left without support if they choose to refuse the transition to another operating system. The support for Blackberry devices will continue for an unannounced period. Additionally, replacement devices would also be available for as long as the SAA’s 610 mobile phones’ stock lasts.

This moment is definitely a turning point in the history of the Blackberry brand. Blackberry, the mobile phone brand that used to completely dominate the mobile devices market owing to the incredibly secure platform present in the device and having some unique features of that time including email (remember, the era under consideration is way before the kick off of social media and messaging) and a physical keyboard (prior to the invention of SwiftKey) is finally getting replaced.

The younger breed of phone platforms namely iOS and Android easily managed to catch up with the Blackberry operating system which resulted in the company’s immediate decline followed by close contact with bankruptcy. However, the government circles work slowly, more so when it comes to the adoption of up and coming technologies. This can be highlighted by the fact that even after the general public (including the President of United States himself) abandoned Blackberry Operating system; Blackberry handsets still dominated a greater half at the Capitol Hill for more than a decade. However, this would now mark the end of the Blackberry era.

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