Upcoming Samsung Smartphones Transiting from Plastic to Full Metal Bodies

Samsung Galaxy C

In the world of electronic gadgets, Samsung’s C line mid-range smartphones are going to have full metal bodies. It is time to scrap delicate plastic body smartphones and adapt to entirely new outlook of smartphones in shape of metal bodies. As always, Samsung is being innovative when it comes to introducing new features and specifications into its upcoming smartphone devices. The new Samsung Galaxy C smartphones will be all metal-body phones.

Introducing SM-C5000

SM-C5000 is the presumed model number for upcoming Samsung Galaxy C5. It features Snapdragon 617 Qualcomm Chip. It is going to have an enhanced 4GB RAM to allow users a very good experience, when it comes to using different types of applications on a smartphone device. Some smartphones have a very fast processing speed but do not have an enhanced RAM to back the speed of the processor and as a result, they get slowed down as users download heavier applications. With a slow RAM, the phone could become vulnerable to getting hanged and may not provide a smooth user-interface. Smartphones with 2GB to 3GB RAMs are not likely to be very efficient, especially if heavier applications are being used.

Although it is not a flagship smartphone being launched into the market by Samsung, but it is a very handy mobile phone set to provide users with range of different options with its built-in multitasking features. It is going to have Android 6.0.1 operating system. It is very user-friendly and people with different needs, when it comes to using mobile phone technology, can have an easier time using this smartphone device.

Samsung Galaxy C is going to fill the gap between Samsung Galaxy A and J series. It is going to be an immaculate combination of glass and metal, providing users with an array of different options.

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