Universal Excel export via PDF

Universal Excel export via PDF

Microsoft Excel is considered a master of the numerical evaluation. However, not every company uses the office management of the Redmonder, which can become problematic when sharing tables and diagrams.

When it comes to evaluating long numbers of rows, Microsoft Excel is almost unbeatable: in a diagram created with the aid of Excel, many connections are much easier to recognize. When sharing tables and charts from Excel, however, it is important to note that not every company is based on the Microsoft Office suite.

Alternative applications such as LibreOffice or Softmaker Office also support the standard format xlsx, but errors can occur in the display of formatting and diagrams. This is extremely annoying for documents that go to customers.

If you want to ensure that all contents are displayed without errors, the export to the universal PDF format. The editing of the document is, however, no longer possible, but this is irrelevant for a pure presentation of the edited data sets.

In addition to the entire Excel documents, you can also export diagrams within a table separately. To do this, select the desired diagram and select “Save As” from the “File” menu. After selecting the desired folder, you should select “PDF” as the file type – done.

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