Twitter Offers An Enticing 70/30 Revenue Split To Its Users

twitter video

Twitter, the social media giant wants users to actively post content on its platform and in order to promote that the company has decided to pay users who craft interesting videos. Chris Collins, a highly active internet superstar has two million subscribers on YouTube while there are about twice as many subscriber on his Vine channel. Twitter aims to target such users.

It is easy to figure that Twitter wants to take the lead from YouTube in terms of active users and in order to make it a reality, the company is offering highly appealing terms to artists having a huge following. In order to pull this off, the company has decided to borrow the policy adopted by YouTube, that is the company will sell ads alongside the videos in order to generate Furthermore, Twitter is offering a revenue-split which is better than the terms and conditions established by YouTube.

Unlike YouTube which offers a 55{4b8db105d51fc49c1c727c21ad8f1560ea0d09dcad6eb0845e46ab84b524419d} revenue split to its user, it is being rumored that Twitter has planned to offer the same revenue split that it offers to its other Amplify video partners including the NFL. That is keeping 30 percent of the revenue generated while handing 70 percent back to the content creator. This doesn’t come off as a surprise because Twitter needs to offer something appealing to its potential users in order to lure them in. This can also be attributed to the fact that Twitter isn’t viewed as a video destination unlike Facebook and YouTube. Further, Twitter is late to the party when it comes to actually paying video creators, even though Vine Creators on Twitter wanted a revenue split since a long time and eventually migrated to other portals. Therefore, the chances of Twitter becoming a video hub even with these appealing terms and conditions seem unclear.


Twitter’s terms and conditions don’t apply to other sites owned by Twitter such as Vine and Periscope, and the revenue split provided to its users is the same as the one that the company provides to premium content creators such as the NFL. The content posted on Twitter is not supposed to be Twitter exclusive and artists can use the same content elsewhere.Twitter would not be paying any advance funding to its users and users can join in the program starting from Tuesday. However, it must be noted that in its initial phase, the program is limited only to US residents.

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