Top SEO Blunders You Must Avoid At Any Cost

Top SEO Blunders You Must Avoid At Any Cost

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the reason for making their online business noticeable by peers and their clients. It’s the primary reason that generates traffic for your site.
SEO makes the website or blog visible for people in web search engines results through the process of link building.

More traffic means clients and good visibility for your business.

It’s a meticulous process needing proper knowledge of SEO. People who have just started with this either don’t know the basic or are not clear about them. Hence, they make blunders that can cost them their website. A bad SEO can make your page the last one on Google search which is just not what you want. So let’s brush up our knowledge of SEO blunders that we must definitely avoid.

Top SEO blunders You Must Avoid At Any Cost

1. Using dull or duplicate images

Visual representation speaks more to the reader than text. Thus, including images boost both viewership and SEO of the site.

But never use dull images as they don’t attract people and they may leave the page without checking it fully.

Also, don’t use duplicate photos as it harms your reputation. If you take photo from any other site or Google, give proper credits.

2. Going overboard  with images or gifs

Adhere to the guideline of good quality but less size. A picture whose size is big will make the article heavy, and it will make the page load slower losing you the client.

One must understand that every platform, be it Facebook, Youtube or the blog itself, requires different size of images that only guarantees the maximum exposure. For those who struggle to get the right images for every platform, can try Canva which is an awesome free graphic designing tool.

Don’t go overboard and fill your article with numerous gifs and pictures as it decreases the believability of the article.

Most imperatively utilize “Alt text or Alternative text”, this label gives you a chance to give describe the image which is extremely vital for Google as it understands the alt command.

3. Keyboard stuffing is not cool

Keywords are 4-5 words phrases that make the page visible in search engines. It has been encouraged to use keywords often on the page as it optimizes SEO.

However, some people do keyboard stuffing meaning they go overboard with it making the article look fake and made up. Only 3{4b8db105d51fc49c1c727c21ad8f1560ea0d09dcad6eb0845e46ab84b524419d} of the whole article must have this otherwise your overall ranking would go down.

4. Not using Google keyword tool

Also, some people don’t use the Google Keyword tool as they think it’s cheating but actually it’s not. Not using this is the biggest blunder you as SEO can make.

This tool provides you with an insight about what people are asking Google, and by including those phrases or words in your content, you can make sure that your page is easier for a search engine to reach. This will help in generating more traffic.

5. Not having a proper description and unique title tags

Words can do wonders if used properly, thus always put emphasis on having a great and unique description. Most SEO people or content developer does the following mistakes that can cost them their page:

Not having a catchy and unique description.
Making it longer than 200 words and keyword stuffing.
Making titles longer than 65 words and having the same title for every page. Using the website name on all pages, it’s okay to include this on the homepage but not on the rest of the pages.

Try to make the description attractive so, that people are engaged and click through rate increases.

6. More link quantity but less quality

Getting a number of links is super easy, but getting links from a popular blog or page is hard. Still, it’s necessary to focus on finding such high-quality links.

Sites, pages or blog that are in demand provide reliable links and people can trust the quality of your website through it.

Also, make sure the links you put on your website don’t open pages of adult or gambling sites are relevant to the nature of the business that the website is promoting.

7. Not having a consisting publishing schedule

It’s not okay to post whenever and any number of posts on your site. It confuses the client and doesn’t give you much space for finding new and fresh content. Also, don’t be sluggish and post in 4-5 days gap, this will lose your clients as you will have nothing to offer.

The best way is to make a publishing schedule which specifies how many posts you want to publish in one day or if you want to post alternate day etc.

Adhere to this and be consistent, it will do wonders for generating traffic and making loyal clients.

Hopefully, you will realize your SEO blunders and correct them before Google put your website in the last pages of search engine.

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