Top 5 Free Launcher Apps for Android

Launcher Apps for Android

One of the biggest benefits of being an Android user is that it allows you to customize just about every aspect of your device. Customization aspect doesn’t bar only to themes change but it extends to customizing transition and animations, changing the grid or even replacing app drawer with a smart interface and much more. You can perform all these tweaks with various launcher apps available on Play Store. Launcher apps are basically tools that help you completely change the look and experience of your “Home Screen”.  Let’s discuss top 5 launcher apps for Android in this article.

Google Now Launcher: This is one of the best Android launcher apps which offers fast and clean home screen with “Stock” Android experience. It comes as a default launcher with certain devices and available for other devices too. If you are tired of manufacturer’s bloated launchers, then this is the good choice to go for. It offers a basic Android experience which makes it an attractive option for many users. Apart of it, there are many additional features which are quite useful. Here, you can find a dedicated entire screen for Google Now, which will help you access all Google apps easily. In additional features, it offers A-Z apps list, quick access to Search from Home Screen, app suggestions, and many others. Use this tool for improved Android experience.


Nova Launcher: Use this highly customizable, performance driven launcher to change your Android experience. It is a perfect match for modern day Android devices. It replaces your home screen with one you manage, control and can customize. Its Subgrid positioning feature offers greater control than standard launchers. It allows you to snap icons or widgets easily half way through the desktop grid cells. It offers thousands of icon themes to give you unique experience. Its sophisticated backup/restore system allow you to back up your existing desktop layout and launcher settings. In other features, it offers color control, customized app drawer, improved widget drawer, infinite scroll, icon swipes, gestures, hide apps and much more.

Nova Launcher

ZenUI Launcher: Use this tool to customize your launcher app the way you want. It allows you to select from a range of themes, wallpapers, and widgets, apply scroll effects or transitions, change app icons, or organize your apps in folders. You can even customize font size, font style, or icon size of your apps and widgets. It offers integrated App lock and Hides App feature to keep your apps secure from prying eyes. It helps you to manage your home screen efficiently and intuitively. Using this tool, you can download complimentary icon packs or themes, organize your apps and folders in One layer mode, swipe up home screen to access the settings shortcuts, auto-group related apps using Smart Group feature etc.

Yahoo Aviate Launcher


Yahoo Aviate Launcher: This smart tool helps you organize your apps and information intuitively to save your time and quickly find what you need. This intelligent launcher app helps you organize your home screen based on your preferences. It displays apps sorted by category into scrollable rows. It displays different apps at the different time of day and location which is a unique feature it offers. Based on your behavior learning over time, it offers more contextual recommendations while setting apps for different time and location. It also supports icon packs to help you quickly change icons of various apps. It offers simple, clutter free and easy-to-navigate screens that make every interaction faster and efficient. It displays much useful information like upcoming events, nearby attractions, sports score, battery saver and much more.

Yahoo Aviate Launcher


Cheetah Launcher: Cheetah launcher offers a personalized and intelligent Android launcher experience to users. It includes some cool functions, fun decorations, premium themes and much more. It uses smart algorithms to find your most commonly used and favorite apps and places them on your device home screen for an improved experience. It offers free, stylish and numerous themes to make your phone look shinier immediately. It offers simple, fast and smooth launcher experience while occupying 50{4b8db105d51fc49c1c727c21ad8f1560ea0d09dcad6eb0845e46ab84b524419d} less RAM. In other features, it offers two-finger gestures to zoom in and out, hide inactive apps, special animations, numerous themes, direct dialing feature, add apps in batches to the main screen and much more.

Cheetah Launcher

You can try these amazing launcher apps for improved Android experience. You can avail various features of these apps to experience a whole new Android affair. In fact, launcher apps not only tweak the cosmetic changes but it also eases your Android experience.

Summary:  Launchers apps are the useful addition to improving your Android experience. These apps offer numerous features and functions to ease your experience on the device. Let’s discuss some of these launcher apps in this article.

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