Top 4 Competitive Analysis Tools Every SEO Expert Should Know

4 Competitive Analysis Tools for SEO

Summary: Knowing about the four tools given below could help a SEO professional to win the race when it comes to improving the ranking of a website significantly over the major search engines.

Regardless of what industry you belong to your business requires to plan out a strategy to beat your competitors. You are best advised to have a look at all the essential digital marketing tools to beat any competition. The marketing strategy must be spied upon in today’s competitive market. The spying regarding company online comes with checking out the competitor website’s content material, emails, social mentions, search rankings and all the activities performed by them done for introducing their brand to their target market. That is due to the fact what may be assisting them might just trigger your business too. Here is a list of the 5 essential tools that could help you to analyze what strategies you should follow in order to stay ahead from your competitors.


A reputed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) business company generally prefers to use this instrument as it is liked by a huge mass of population worldwide and has been rated as the highly effective tools for studying the opposition’s strategy. This is a sort of tool used to analyze and determine the organic performance of the searches online. With the help of tool, it becomes much convenient for the users to identity the search volume of a particular keyword that is expected and rankings of the keyword across many other nations.

It makes use of the comparisons of domain as opposed to region for identification of gaps in keyword and content. The use of this tool is exclusively beneficial when it comes to finding out the pages and posts that could help drive the most organic traffic to your website. You also find it easy to observe the modifications of search traffic and keyword rankings that could help to figure out if the opponent’s strategies are hitting successfully or not.


Any of the best SEO Employer knows the importance of using Buzzsumo when it comes to concerning the analysis of competitor’s content material. The tool makes use of the record for content material analysis for figuring out the kinds of topics and contents that could assist to gain the attention of your target market through social media channels. It reveals subjects and topics that are hot in the market and your competitors love to talk about. You start getting notifications whenever any opponent publishes any new content material. The tool also makes it possible for you to identify a group of people who engages with opposition’s content material and provides you to the lists of promotional outreach.


Many reputed SEO companies across the world have considered this tool as one of the finest ways for finding out the backlinks of your competitors. This tool utilizes the domain of competitors and prepares the reports for figuring out the common yet unique sources of backlinks. It’s impossible to ignore the tool when it comes to keeping the light on the link intersect that could help to identify the websites that are linked to a number of competitor domains. It becomes easier for viewing the complete profile of backlink on a particular page and reveals the back-links of low high-quality, without wasting your precious time.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is a pretty noticeable tool while one desires to have the best possible exploration about websites. You can find it very easy to collect the detailed information about online authority, links, as well as the target market. The highly effective way you can possibly use with this tool is to make a report of competitive analysis. The tool is much helpful when it comes to offering you the exact number of natural and unnatural back-links. The information you collect through this tool could help to put up the multiple URLs to evaluate the overall performance based primarily on the reports of competitor analysis.

Although lots of other tools available for SEO companies who want to promote their own and other businesses over major search engines like Google and Yahoo!, having sufficient knowledge about the ones mentioned above will help find their way with much ease.

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