Top 10 New Features Snuggled Inside iOS 10

iOS 10

Apple recently unveiled the newest version of iOS 10 and like every version of the operating software, this one is also bundled with some exciting albeit a bit secretive, new features. In the following article we will be rounding up some of the new features that Apple hasn’t advertised and you will need to do a bit of digging to get access.

Voicemail Transcription

With the new operating system, you can have your voicemail transcribed. As soon as someone leaves you a message, iOS will attempt to transcribe your voicemail and within minutes you can have access to a fairly accurate transcription.

Close All Tabs On Safari

Finally, Apple has made an official way to at once, close all tabs on your Safari browser. In order to do this open a new tab and hold the done button to get a pull-up menu which will allow you to get done with the ordeal.

A New Stopwatch Face

In case you got bored with the stopwatch face then you will be pleased to know that a new face has been added which can be accessed by swiping left on the stopwatch available in the Clock app.

Make Siri Announce Who’s Calling

It’s a nuisance when you have to access your phone to check who’s calling you. To avoid this, Apple has added a new option which will allow Siri to announce the name of the caller.

Camera aka Magnifying Glass

The camera can now be used as a magnifying glass. In order to achieve this head over to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Magnifier (toggle to on). Now triple-tapping the home button would open your camera app with a slight magnification.

Clear All Notifications

Clearing all notifications has become a breeze. You can clear them all by hard-pressing the X icon in the notification screen to select and then clear all Notifications.

Side-by-Side Tabs in Safari

Safari has been bestowed with the ability to have side-by-side tabs on iPad Air 2, iPad Prop and iPad Mini 4. To do this, long-press the tab button and on the pop-up, select Open Split View. You can also do this by holding on a link or dragging a tab to the left or right of the screen.

Prioritize Downloads

You can also prioritize downloads by hard-pressing the download and selecting Prioritize Download. This would push the download to the top of the queue.

Send Low-Res Images Through Messages

Saving on Mobile Data? You can now send low-resolution images via Messages. This is achievable by simply selecting the option in settings.

Let Your Phone Remember Where You Parked

Apple Maps is now gifted with the capability to remember where you parked your car. However, this requires a connection to your car via Bluetooth. Further, it also needs a GPS signal in order to work. Once parked, your phone will push a notification saying that it has marked the location. This can be toggled on or off by accessing Settings -> Maps.

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