Top 10 Alternative Keyboard Apps for IOS in 2017

Top 10 Alternative Keyboard Apps for IOS in 2017

Although default IOS keyboard is pretty fast and intuitive, there are many third party keyboard apps out there that come with some additional features and customization options. If you need some more colors, fonts, custom adjustments, GIF and sticker integration, there are tons of options you can choose from. The thing is not all the third party keyboard come with the same value and quality, and you’ll have to make a good research and some testing to find a really good one for you. The good news is that I’ve done the testing for you and put together a list of the best and most widely used IOS keyboard apps. These keyboards bring advanced functionality and contribute to a faster and better typing experience. Let’s check them out.


Blink Keyboard

Blink is a simple yet powerful keyboard that comes with a number of exciting features. It features a resizable keyboard to make the typing easier on larger sized iPhones. There are all types of keyboard layout options you can choose from, and a number of themes with fonts to try out. The keyboard has a smart auto correct and a quick text feature that lets you quickly insert frequently used texts or words while typing. You can easily add punctuation, cut and delete words, and just long press the row key to access emojis.

Gboar banner


If you’re looking for a keyboard with a built in Google search, Gboard is the answer. You don’t need to switch any apps, the search function is right in your keyboard, letting you search for literally anything, addresses, locations, news, articles, you name it. Gbaord also supports emoji search to let you easily insert the right emoji to your texts and and messages. Apart from the built in search functionality, the keyboard comes with a glide typing feature that lets you type even faster by sliding your finger from letter to letter. Gboard also supports voice typing, that is you can dictate texts on the go. It’s available on Apple store.


Sticker Market

Sticker Market is an all-in-one keyboard app that brings all your favorite stickers, GIFs and face emojis to your keyboard. Actually it’s a huge searchable directory for funny stickers, GIFs and image templates, where you can easily browse various sticker collections and bring them to your phone. Later, you can use the stickers and GIFs in your conversations by just copying and pasting them in the right chat. The best thing about it, is that you can use all the stickers and stuff on all top messaging apps and platforms, including iMessage, Facebook messenger, Viber, Whatsapp, and more. Also, the keyboard comes with smart autocorrect and word prediction to let you type faster and don’t worry about spelling mistakes. There are light and dark keyboard themes available.

Swiftkey Keyboard Android App


Swiftkey is an advanced keyboard app that contributes to faster and hassle free typing. The keyboard uses artificial intelligence to learn your writing style and adapt to you. It predicts and suggests words and emojis you use the most while you type. Also, the app provides many keyboard customization options, such as colors, keyboard themes and designs. Swiftkey supports over 150 languages and provides bilingual autocorrect on all the supported languages.

Go Keybaord

Go keyboard

Go keyboard is the right options if you’d like to fully personalize your phone keyboard. It offers a myriad of customization options and some great features along the way. It comes with a number of keyboard wallpapers, layouts, themes, fancy fonts, and makes your keyboard look fabulous. Also, there is support for over 60 languages, and sticker and emojis to let you have fun while you chat with family and friends. The keyboard is available on Apple Store.



Swype is a smart keyboard that gets even smarter the more you use it. It offers a better, faster keyboard experience and is available on Apple store. The keyboard features a powerful next word prediction that learns your unique vocabulary and suggests words based on previous usage. Also, it gives you access to a frequently updated language dictionary, where you’ll find the most up to date and crowd-sourced hot words and phrases. Swype has three tablet keyboard designs to make your typing faster on any device, and features a next level voice recognition to let you dictate texts.

Fleksy banner


Fleksy is an advanced, fast and highly customizable keyboard app that comes with a number of extensions you can choose from. It uses next generation auto correct and word prediction, so you don’t have to worry about the accuracy of your texts. With just a swipe of your fingers you can easily insert punctuation and space, access the number row, cut and delete words. You can fully personalize your keyboard by using any of the theme designs available, and freely express yourself with GIFs and emojis. Fleksy supports over 40 languages and lets you quickly switch from one language to another. Available on Apple Store and Google Play store.



If you like to save interesting stuff on your phone, Clips is good option for you. It is a clipboard manager for IOS users that lets you copy and paste literally anything from your keyboard. You can clip quotes and other content, links, animated GIFs and easily access and input them later with just a few clicks. No app switching is required.



Kwilt offers a 4 ways to share multiple photos and images with your friends and family members right from your keyboard. Once you install the app, you’ll add multiple photo sources to your account and stitch all of them together no matter where you are. You can find and access your photos from your social media accounts, cloud storage, your mobile phone using fast filters. The app features a photo editing tool, where you can resize, colorize, add text and effects to photos. The app has a number of settings you can adjust to your needs and personalize your phone’s keyboard.

Color Keyboard Maker

Color Keyboard Maker

Color Keyboard Maker is yet another great app to offer a high level of keyboard customization. You can change and adjust literally everything on your keyboard, including colors, shapes, button styles, sounds, fonts and more. The app has a nice theme gallery where you can add your own themes as well. The keyboard gives you access to a huge collection of emojis that you can use right from your keyboard. Apart from customization options, Color Keyboard features auto correct, word prediction and supports a number of languages. The keyboard is available for both IOS users.

Here they are. Best ten keyboard options for any taste and requirement. No matter what you’re looking for any of these keyboard apps has the right feature to offer. Check them out and let me know what you think.

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