Tim Cook Accidentally Tells That The New iPhone Will Be Compatible With Apple Pencil

New Apple iPhone Pencil

Apple is working on building hype for its upcoming iPhone 7. Even though, analysts have kept their expectations low from the successor of the iPhone series. However, the new phone would certainly be bundled with plenty new features. Most of them are rumors that have come out from the manufacturing sources of the iPhone. But there is one slip that the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook made. It seems that Tim Cook might have revealed that the Apple Pencil (apple’s proprietary stylus) would be working with the upcoming version of the smartphone.

This reveal was spotted by a blog titled Daring Fireball and it features an excerpt from Tim Cook’s interview that was published earlier this year. In the interview, Apple’s CEO stated that if anyone has witnessed the designs that can be crafted on both iPhone and iPad, they would understand how unbelievable they really look.

This interview was published in May on India’s media house, NDTV and according to the interview transcript, the question asked from Tim Cook was whether he got the same voice as Steve Jobs when he stated that if anyone looks at a stylus, they would realize that they wasted the opportunity. To which Cook responded by stating that there is a vast difference between a pencil and a stylus and if Steve was around to witness the unbelievable levels of creativity that people have achieved using this pencil, then he would have been immensely happy as he loved helping people to create.

The question of the interview was throwing light on the dismissive remarks that Steve Jobs made about Apple Newton and its implementation of a stylus feature. It is definitely true that if the new iPhone is compatible with the Apple Pencil then it would open up a vast possibility for developers to play with. And considering the fact that Apple invested so much money into crafting the Pencil, it definitely begs the question why it does not work with the iPhone.

However, if Apple does make its phones compatible with the Pencil, then it would be following in the footsteps of Samsung who have been offering a stylus in their Note Series ever since its inception. Earlier, Apple followed in the footsteps of the tech giant by creating large versions of the iPhones.

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