Thinking about Going Digital? Role of Digital Signs in Effective Business Communication

Digital signage

Digital menu boards have created a revolution in the restaurant sector. Modern and sleek LCD screens have extensively replaced the static images of the past. There has been a gradual move towards technology with some major brands being wary at first but soon realizing that digital menu boards offer several benefits. Consequently, customers’ expectations have changed and digital menu boards are indispensable for various eateries.

Increasing Sales

  • One of the main advantages of a digital menu board is its ability to increase sales. This is attributed to a number of reasons. When traditional signage is replaced with digital, it provides better imagery and allows you to sell food with enticing videos or vibrant images.
  • Digital menu boards are typically clear, bright and customers enjoy looking at them. Fitting an entire restaurant offers numerous opportunities to sell more to customers.
  • Well-placed signs can be used to advertise items as customers wait to be served. Placing digital screens at eating points can provide additional opportunities for sales. A screen in this type of area would be ideal for advertising some tasty treats such as desserts. When customers finish eating they can try a new dessert on offer.

Utilizing Human Resource

Digital signage menu boards are an effective selling tool that any eatery can have at its disposal. It allows you to utilize your staff better as a business with its scheduling capabilities.  Digital signs solutions make it possible for you to set a range of menus for different meals and times of the day and week. This is accomplished through CMS with automatic changes on the screen that do not require manual effort or input from staff, which enables them to pay attention to other aspects of their jobs.


Multiple stores and chains of restaurants can be updated promptly regardless of where they are situated or the number of restaurants. This is the type of flexibility that is valuable for restaurants and cannot be achieved when you are confined to traditional menu signage.

Worthwhile Investment

Investing in digital menu boards allows you to save money in the long run. The long-term costs that are associated with getting menus printed constantly will end up being higher than those of digital signage investments.

The costs involved in staff replacing old posters and printing facilities will be more than enough to cater for your initial electronic restaurant menu board investment. Considering the level of competition in the market, it is vital for companies to ensure that their customers always have the best possible experience.

Business Branding and Marketing

During the initial stages of starting a business, branding design and creating attractive signage for your business are crucial visual elements that should be considered. Aside from being useful tools, signs can also become inanimate and visual salespeople for your business.


Signs serve the purpose of being silent salespeople for businesses. Exterior signs attract attention to your business premises and help to differentiate it from the rest. Interior signs enable customers to find merchandise and may result in impulse sales when they are included in special displays. Signs are the main link between businesses and their customers.

Different Options

Exterior signs can either be building or ground mounted. A sign that is mounted on the ground can be presented in a variety of sizes and shapes. Such signs are usually mounted next to roads to in order to draw attention from passing motorists. A building mounted sign can be attached to a place of business and is often beneficial in areas where there is a lot of foot traffic.


Signs are important aspects of a company’s overall marketing approach. A sign that consists of a business logo helps to reinforce the brand. Signs can also be used to attract attention for promotions and convey pertinent information regarding the business. Since an exterior sign can be seen throughout the day, it has an ongoing effect.


For a business that is limited in terms of funds for marketing, signs are a cost-effective marketing solution. The cost of reaching several potential customers through signage is significantly lower in comparison to other forms of advertising such as newspapers, outdoor advertising, television and radio.

Signs are also effective when used off the premises. Placing billboards strategically can send a concise and clear message to motorists. Magnetic signs can also be placed on vehicles as strategy for mobile advertising.

Final Considerations

  • Signs are usually an essential influence on acquiring new customers. Whether it is a banner for an online company or storefront sign, a properly designed business sign is a crucial component of branding and developing a company.
  • A quality sign has the ability to grab attention and can be highly effective when done correctly. Using business signs solidifies a business as a credible brand.
  • A simple and bold message has the effect of inviting customers to experience something new and unique. It helps to pass on information about the business and sets it apart from other competitors in the industry.
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