The Xiaomi Mi5s in review

Xiaomi Mi5s

Shortly before Christmas 2016, I became aware of the advent calendar on a new smartphone from Xiaomi. Because of my positive experiences, I would like to share this with the readers.

I liked the device very much, especially compared to two other smartphones from the same price range, which were somewhat more expensive but actually much more.

The delivery by the importer took only a week, which was very pleasing.

The Xiaomi Mi5 is very fast and has a good camera. For me very important were the two SIM card slots, since I’m traveling a lot abroad and the constant rein- and rausfummeln of the SIM cards considered very annoying, which is still necessary with other smartphones. With the functions, which a smartphone already have on board from the factory, the opinions are always far apart, for me it was definitely enough.

In any case, the Xiaomi is an absolute eye-catcher in the public and in the local traffic I was addressed several times to the pretty device, which has happened to me with an iPhone or Samsung never before.

The different versions of the Xiaomi Mi5 are all beautiful looking and with their arched back and feel very good thanks to the surface of glass or ceramic. The curves give a pleasant feeling in the hand, not too angular but also not too round, so you always have to feel you lose it.

The display is larger than comparable models and fits just so still in the pants pocket. It is not waterproof but I at least had no failures to record after a long phone call in the pouring rain included snow drifts.

With the camera I start with the smartphones, which I use privately, never much, to me the pictures are too little color. But the Xiaomi Mi5 is suitable for short snapshots even in low light conditions.

Since I install a lot of apps running in the background, I was curious how the somewhat older processor can cope with this and was not disappointed. It ran a whole tad slower than the equal-sized models, which are straight from other offerers in the market, it costs however also only about half – thus a good compromise.

The specially adapted Android version is only a little getting used to because it brings some functions that are not standard. As soon as you get used to it one wonders more, why Android has not implemented these functions by itself because they are so obvious. But everyone has to figure out how to rumple themselves.

For me, the battery life is very important under realistic conditions, which means I am traveling 14 hours a day and would like to go through the day without charging. I did not get this at the Xiaomi Mi5 every day, sometimes I had to get between the electricity tank for 30 minutes – but then the day was also saved.

Overall, therefore, a positive conclusion with a few and small cuts compared to the flagship of the larger provider, which then also cost the double. The Xiaomi Mi5 is the ideal smartphone for the ambitious beginner and for people who need a high quality second handy, which makes little anger.

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