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AVG for Android

In today’s modern world, hacking is a rampant problem that causes billions of dollars worth of damage each year. Whether it’s a virus, malware, or a worm, hackers can use these programs to steal your data or corrupt your computer to the point where it’s unusable. But what about our smartphones? Are they as susceptible to breaches like our laptops or desktop computers? If so, then how can we protect them? Well, that’s where AVG comes in. As a free antivirus for mobile device, this software is crucial in the fight to protect your phone from outside sources. But how much of a threat do you face on a daily basis? Let’s dive in deeper and find out.

What is AVG?

Founded in 1991, this company has always been at the forefront of the antivirus industry, along with other leaders like Avast or McAfee. The name stands for Anti-Virus Guard, and it’s one of the better systems out there that can protect not only your computer, but your mobile devices as well. This not only includes Android smartphones, but tablets too. Using one account, you can safeguard all of your valuable electronics and keep them from getting corrupted.

Overall, AVG is one of the top rated programs out there, consistently getting high marks from independent testing sources. This is hugely important as it shows that the company and the software are reliable.

Benefits of Using AVG

So what can this Android antivirus software do for your phone? Well, let’s take a look at the most important features that you get with AVG.

Online Protection

These days, it has never been easier to surf the web and find new content, especially on our phones. However, that doesn’t mean that each link is safe to click, which is usually how viruses and malware get on our devices in the first place. Human error is the top reason for data corruption and hacking, so AVG helps mitigate that problem by proactively helping you avoid problem sites or links. If there is a danger, it will alert you immediately so you can navigate to something safer.

Download Protection

While clicking links can be harmful, nothing is quite as severe as downloading a file or attachment that is embedded with a virus or malware. Thankfully, AVG scans and checks for any malicious files lurking in your downloads so that you don’t run that risk. To avoid the problem entirely, be sure only to download things from trusted sources. If you’re not sure, then it’s probably best to avoid it.

Email Protection

Spam is still a huge problem these days, and scammers have made it into an art form. Not only will you get messages from random strangers promising you free money or sex, but you can also get emails from a hacked account that belongs to someone you know. To help ensure that you don’t risk your device, AVG will filter your email more thoroughly and will prevent you from downloading anything unless you are sure of the source. This way you aren’t able to click anything without verifying the sender beforehand.

Theft Protection

While online threats are out there and can do some serious damage to your smartphone, the fact is that the most common way for hackers or thieves to get your personal information is to steal your phone. Not only can they access your sensitive data if the phone is unlocked, but they can wipe it clean and resell it for money.

Fortunately, AVG has your back if that ever happens by enabling you to remotely activate your phone and either locate it so that you can retrieve it from the thieves, or shut it down so that they can’t access any information.

Other features of the anti-theft protection include activating the front camera to identify who is using your phone, as well as locking it if they change the SIM card. This way you can make sure that thieves don’t profit from your device at all and you keep your information secured.

Free to Download

We already mentioned this before, but the fact that all of this comes for free is one of the best reasons to get AVG. While other high-end systems cost either a monthly or yearly subscription, AVG gives you total protection for the price of a high five. That’s something worth smiling about.

In the end, if you want to keep your phone protected, make sure that you surf the web intelligently, don’t click on anything you don’t know, keep your phone password protected in case of theft, and download AVG to handle the rest.

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