The Top 5 Fitness App to Stay Fit This Session

The Top 5 Fitness App to Stay Fit This Session

Are you a fitness lover who keeps working out the new exercises to stay fit? If yes then this post is just for you. Let your smartphone help you to stay fit. Here are the top 6 fitness apps helping you stay fit this season.

The 7 Minute Workout

The 7 Minute Workout is a simple personal trainer app available on both iOS and Android stores. Other apps work like motivator but this one acts like a real trainer. The app has several different categories along with classes of workout for those who want complete fitness. Top features include Google Fit support, Voice Guidance, Adjustable rest time and circuit time, keeping screen lighted while working out, easy UI and UX designs, workout log showing the complete workout, time, etc.

Workout Trainer

The Workout Trainer app is available on both iOS and Android app stores. The app lets users choose the area they want to focus on. From building muscles to targeting upper body, to improving lower, and so on, the app Workout Trainer lets you choose the workout you want to perform. You can choose many preferences based on your requirements.
The app also provides yoga schedules for those who want to improve their flexibility. Also, the app lets users set the number of days they want to work out in a week.

Calorie counter My Fitness Pal

Calorie counter MyFitnessPal is another great app available on iOS and Android. Unlike other apps focusing mostly on exercises or workouts, Calorie counter MyFitnessPal as a fitness app focuses on monitoring the intake of calories every day. You can easily log your calories and have access to the database providing a full list of food-items so that you can discover the best food your body needs.


Endomondo is one of the oldest apps for tracking fitness, analyzing performance, setting goals and taking challenges. It even lets you take picture and tag friends. This is the top rated personal trainer app as per the company behind You can track your running, walking, cycling, and 40+ other sports using the tracking ability of the app.

Google Fit

Google too is engaged in this domain and has provided its app known as Google Fit. This app allows you to track any activity effortlessly. From walking to running, to cycling, the app logs the information automatically in your phone or wearables.

These are the top 5 apps you can easily find on your Android or iPhone smartphones and start living fit and healthy.

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