The 10 Best Tech Gadgets Which Are Useful for Businesses

10 Best Tech Gadgets for Businesses

There is no end to the many gadgets and gizmos out there in the market and as a user you have everything you could ever want, whenever you want it. However, as a business, you need to make your choices a bit more carefully. You need to choose gadgets that will help your business work smoother and simplify work for you. Here is a list of the 10 best tech gadgets that will help your business.

1. The Griffin MultiDock

All your workers need to be able to keep their devices charged up, especially if they communicate regularly with clients. Help your workers stay connected at all times with the Griffin MultiDock, a neat charging station that lets you store, charge and synch iOS or Android devices without having to even get them out of their cases. It comes with individual LEDs to let you know each bay’s charging status and a panel that you can secure to keep devices safe overnight. And yes, it takes just a little space – about the area of a laptop! It comes with ChargeSensor technology that gives each device just the right amount of power it needs.

2. The Transporter

This networked storage drive connects to your local network and creates a private cloud that you and your workers can access globally or over the network. It syncs files automatically from laptops or desktops and backs them up so that you don’t have the hassle of losing important files on devices with lower storage space. You can use multiple Transporters to create an additional backup of your files or to protect against disasters.

3. NeatConnect

This standalone, wireless scanner doesn’t need a PC to work as it connects directly to your Wi-Fi network. A single pass is all it needs to scan in color both sides of a document. It is easy to configure and can seamlessly digitize paper documents into cloud services such as OneNote, EverNote, Google Drive and Dropbox, as well as into emails and FTP. An easy to use touch screen makes the whole experience simpler.

4. Lantronix xPrintServer

This networked appliance gives you the ability to print from your tablet’s or smart phone’s native print menus into legacy printers. It supports networked as well as USB printers and saves a lot of money on the whole since you don’t have to invest in an expensive new printer.

5. Dropcam Pro

This is an upgraded version of the Dropcam Wi-Fi video monitoring tool that lets you enjoy remote viewing as well as two-way talk. You can easily track what’s going on within your office as well as protect your employees. The Dropcam Pro gives you 720p HD video streaming, 8x zoom, 130-degree field of view and 5GHz Wi-Fi operation.

6. TwelveSouth HoverBar 3

If your office uses iPads extensively, the TwelveSouth HoverBar 3 will make it easy to use handsfree. This flexible arm attaches to any ledge that is up to an inch thick and has a handy display as well as a fit clip that you can use to make it into a tabletop display.

7. Belkin WeMo Insight Switch

Track and keep a check on your office’s energy consumption with this switch that lets you remotely turn connected devices on or off. It connects to a Wi-Fi network and can easily be managed from an iOS or Android device. Create and upload predefined schedules and safe energy on air-conditioning units, space heaters and charging stations.

8. Logitech Mobile Speakerphone P710e

Enjoy conferences and meetings seamlessly with the help of this sleek speakerphone that comes with an integrated stand so that you can have hands-free access to your mobile device. Optimized for Skype and Microsoft Lynch, this speakerphone is perfect to turn any meeting professional, no matter where you are. Turn any room into a conference room with ease and enjoy prolonged power of up to 15 hours per charge.

9. Peplink Balance 30 LTE

If your business relies heavily on Internet connectivity, then you need this indispensable tech gadget. It comes with multiple in built Ethernet WAN ports to help you balance out the load between multiple ISPs for the best possible bandwidth. It also comes with an embedded LTE model so that you can use 3g or 4G services if your wired Internet service should fail at any time.

10. BlueLounge CableBin

Of course, all the gadgets in the world are useless if you can’t organize them properly. This is where the BlueLounge CableBin comes into the picture, with an elegant way to organize all your cables. It consists of a cylindrical bin that lets you gather and organize all cables as well as small appliances so that they’re kept out of sight. It also comes with many adhesive hooks that you can fix internally so that excess cables and power extension switches can be easily organized.

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