T-Mobile Reveals The List Of Devices That Will Receive Android Nougat (7.0) Upgrade

T Mobile Android Nougat 7.0 Upgrade

Google’s Android Nougat was in the beta phases for the past few months. However, the tech giant recently unveiled the stable version of its operating system and it has already rolled out on the company’s Nexus series of smartphones. This brought a lot of questions to users not operating the Nexus phones, particularly people who are locked on carrier’s network. In order to ease the curiosity, T-mobile came forward and posted a list of devices by both Samsung and HTC that will be received the system update of Android Nougat.

The list of devices that will receive the sweet upgrade is posted on the company’s webpage and includes only two of HTC device namely, HTC 10 and HTC One M9. In Samsung’s department, there are a plethora of devices that are scheduled to receive the upgrade including two devices from the company’s premium Note Series that is Note 5 and Note 7 and all variants of Galaxy S6 and S7. Note 7 was promised the upgrade to Nougat on the smartphone’s launch so it doesn’t come off as a surprise.

Unfortunately for users, T-Mobile hasn’t mentioned anything about the time required for these updates to be pushed to user devices nor has the company mentioned the order in which phones will be upgraded.

T-Mobile has, however, promised that it will keep the users posted about the current stage of the update process. Currently, the updating process is in its First Stage which is titled as manufacturer development. In this stage, T-Mobile has entered into an agreement with both HTC and Samsung that it will support the software update. Stage Two is when the companies will actively test the update while Stage Three is when the rollout will begin.

The new Android operating system is bundled with a few exciting features which include Direct Reply, Split Screening of Application supported natively, Better Notification, Highly Enhanced Battery Life, Additional Emojis and completely revamped settings. Apart from these features, it is being rumored that the next version of the update (7.1) will come with additional features that fans expected to see. Notable features that are rumored to be included in the next version include Google’s Assistant, a customizable navigation bar and the Nexus Launcher.

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