Symmetry Over Stereo: The Story of iPhone 7’s Second Speaker

iPhone 7’s Second Speaker

Apple has been in the news due to the rumored decision of dropping the headphone jack from the iPhone 7. Further leaks have suggested that in order to soften the blow of the headphone jack, Apple has been working on improving the sound quality delivery from the handset itself. Multiple leaks about the phone’s overall design have shown the iPhone 7 devoid of a headphone jack and having a pair of speaker grills on either side of the lightning port. Analysts concluded that the pair of speaker grills would house speakers capable of delivering premium audio. However, new information about the device suggests that this is certainly not the case.

When the initial leaks were revealed about Apple ditching the headphone jack, people compromised to the deal by believing that the space freed up by the deletion of the jack would be utilized for placement of a second speaker. The inclusion of a second speaker would make iPhone 7, the first iPhone to have stereo audio support; which is still a rarity in the smartphone market.

However, all these hopes have now been dissipated due to a diagram shared by a French site. Apparently, the diagram is an excerpt from a manufacturing document that was leaked from Chinese Sources and indicates that the second grill is definitely not to house a second speaker; instead it is present purely for cosmetic reasons.

The document reveals that more than anything the grill is placed just to provide the base of the iPhone 7 with visual symmetry and is completely functionless.

Despite how fair a leak might look, it is always suggested to take it with a proverbial pinch of salt since it is definitely not hard to create mockup documents. Even though Chinese supply chains have released valuable leaks in the past, however, they’ve also revealed fake speculations.

The rumor, however, holds coherence with the previously leaked prototype rumors in which the speaker grill holes weren’t drilled all the way through. Knowing Apple’s hardware team, it is not too far-fetched to imagine them punching holes where none were needed, in order to provide the iPhone with a much more symmetrical look.

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