How to run social media marketing campaign after Covid-19

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When it comes to social media marketing people think that it’s just about posting. It’s not like that, It’s more than just posting content. Cause, to get a strong social media marketing presence you have to build a strategy. That strategy is all about how to create and craft engaging content to make a strong social media presence. To run a social media marketing campaign you have to create a map in your mind. You have to create an imaginary campaign in your mind before running an actual social media marketing campaign.  That visionary campaign gives you a raw insight before running your actual campaign. For a business  Social media marketing is not mandatory  but it would be beneficial in today’s era. If you have a stronger social media presence there are 99%  chances of getting a referral to your website. And you may earn traffic through social media highlighting.

Visionary marketing campaign.
Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is important. Cuz, when people use the search engine to look for a brand or a business there are few chances to find social media pages among top results. and these platforms are more personal than a website. Your customers will love to visit the social media account before visiting your website. And Social media platforms will provide a better sight of the brand persona. The content which you put on social media is directly linked to your website. If a person loves that content he/she would love to engage more and will end up visiting your website. So, this is the main objective of social media marketing to make people aware of your brand or product.

Things to keep in mind to run a successful social media marketing campaign:

These few days I was studying so hard to learn more about social media marketing. I  saw and analyzed a few case studies too. And, I found everything from mistakes to mainstream to get better ROI. It doesn’t matter whether you are working with an agency or a freelancer the mistakes which I’ve found are so silly. The moment we get clients we get too excited to work on but due to that excitement, we may forget minor things that have major effects on your social media marketing campaign. There are 4 basic mistakes that I saw in almost every case study.


These are the 4 basic mistakes that we do while running a social media marketing campaign.

  • Without understanding the market, we start targeting the audience. before the campaign you have to understand the business whether its a small business or a market giant. we’ll see more about this in the coming points.
  • The efforts which you are putting can give you long term results.
  • whether it’s about engagement, reach or anything try to highlight more values.
  • As I said you can start a raw campaign to test the results.

These all are just basic mistake which can ruin your social media marketing campaign.  but what about other things on how to get better results. and how to earn and help clients from social media marketing even after a poor market situation after COVID-19.

Analysation of Market and market situations:-

whats trending in market
Whats Trending

To make an Online marketing campaign strategy you have to educate your self first. You have to learn things about a product or brand’s niche. When you start educating about the market you’ll get a broader vision to make a campaign without errors to get long term benefits.  After studying the market you have to start analyzing it to track movements that are happening in the market.  it will give you a glance at the recent and current situation of the market. as you know that the cycle of the economy is running slow due to Lockdown in countries to fight COVID-19. Let me give you an example of how to study market situations to target people.


You have a client ‘Alvaro hotels.’ well due to COVID-19 many countries are under lockdown.  So obviously the point of traveling is senseless. But, once it will get over and things will start to get normal we will catch some movements. ‘Alvaro Hotels” is based in Paris. Now you know the scenario, the monetary conditions of people. instantly after this pandemic no one is going to visit Paris to see Eiffel tower.  So, targeting people from Belgium and  Italy will be a mistake. cause here you are targeting wrong. But, if you are targeting people from some areas of France it will help you to reach the right audience at the right time. Cuz, there are 75% chances of local people to visit Paris to see beauty  Eiffel tower and to spend some days in Paris after this huge breakdown. Not for exploring so at least some of us will visit for business meetings. SO, if you are targeting the right people at the right time you’ll be tracking peak going up in ROI.

Understanding the size of the business:-

You’re done with market analysis now it’s time to see the size of the business. If its a small business then it doesn’t need the attention of the people from the other countries. On initial stages, you should target nearby miles. Cuz here, by targeting some miles or a nearby region, you are showing content to the audience who will be able to visit a profile or a website. If its a small business and you are targeting globally so it is a foolish step. Reason one if it’s a physical store than someone from another county not gonna spend thousands to visit that store, But if they have an E-commerce store still not serving globally so targeting a globally or broader audience will be a waste of money.

If its a market giant then obviously it needs more visibility in the market to sell products or services globally. so we have to target people accordingly.

Audience analysis:-

Audience analysis.
Expended and Engaged Audiences

After getting the analysis of the market and size of business we have to understand our audience. And how to do it?  Well while doing social media marketing you are not only selling the product or services for your client or your company But, you are creating a sense of community for them. and in that community, people have different tastes and preferences. So, here you have to specifically target the audience. cause every campaign has a different audience. Apart from running ads, you have to work on how to get organic reach and engagement. And you can do it by being sharable. In social media marketing very content counts. Cuz, it helps you to keep your eyes on the insights. Assume that you have posted 3 different pieces of content on Instagram.

Content Example for social media marketing:-

1)An infographic, 2) A Video, 3)doodle, and after 2 days you checked your insights. From these 3 you’ll be seeing results like An infographic was contained with useful information about something and people saved it into their draft. A video that is the most engaging tool for content. and people loved it and your comment box is full of nice comments. And last the doodle, the doodle was creative that your audiences decided to share it with their contacts.

Here you tracked 3 different results about 3 different content. And according to that, you can track the behavior and interests of your audience. and in social media marketing, the audience is the base of the whole campaign. So, here you can see which type of content your audience will love to see. Not only that but you’ll check how your bespoke content is getting attention from different audiences.

The audience differs from the 3 major factors their behavior, their interests, their age. so while running a campaign you have to create a custom audience every time and it depends upon a product and the services which you are providing. Cause it gives you an idea about who you wanna talk to through that message. Not only that but it will give you brief about how much you intend to invest to talk to them.

The Content{Message}:-


Message or a piece of your tailored content plays the most important part of marketing. after putting so much effort you know whom to talk? when and where to deliver? But now, Its about the most important thing is what to deliver. The content which you have created should be unique. Full of values. cause this is not a picture of a random chick. it’s a branded content which can change the scenario of business. You are just one unique idea away from getting the attention of people. Don’t worry I got an example of how unique content should be.

Example(1 of a successful social media marketing campaign.): Uber Food Drive.

Uber Eats

The uber food drive campaign is one of the heartwarming campaigns. where uber took the initiative to feed the homeless and people who are in need. In Canada, 40% of people suffer from hunger. they spend days without eating. so, t fight against that and to help needy uber started this campaign. In this campaign you can provide meals to the people who are in need of just dropping their address and location. and the order which gets canceled won’t go waste cause they deliver that order to that person. so no one should suffer from hunger.

Example (2 of a successful social media marketing campaign.) Loreal Paris virtual mirror. 

Loreal Paris

To promote loreal Paris, beauty genius launched a new virtual mirror known as makeup genius app. Ith that app there was a virtual mirror along with the makeup filters. where before placing a final order people can try their lipsticks, eyeliner virtually. And can see how it will look on them. It was possible with the help of AI. More than 10m people downloaded the app and tried more than 25 million different looks. And More than 65 Million products were used. There were 18 months of hardship behind the building that app. Their hard work paid off when they got their shots in a magazine like ‘Mesmerizing’, ‘A NEW ERA OF BEAUTY’, And it was one of the innovative companies in 2015.

So with these examples, I want you to understand that please make sure that your content or a message you want to share should be unique. More unique it is more people would like to get engaged.

Social media marketing calendar:-


The days and time play the most important part over here. Mark the date when your campaign starts to track the performance.  Just stay active or schedule your posts by using tools. It will be more convenient. Make a calendar and a roadmap for your posts. Give a little free or sample of your product or services to your visitors to make them come back. Don’t forget to check the arrival of the occasions. Marking an occasion can help you to create a post related to that day. It could be anything Thanksgiving, Christmas, valentine’s Day. make special offers for your visitors to convert them into your customers. focus on making them a part of your community. Cause social media platform is not only placed for sharing what you feel but it is a community platform.


Every social media platforms have their own peak time and how to let me tell you about it.


The most engagement you get on Linkedin will be happening between early and late morning.


Early morning hours are best to post your content on Facebook.  The peak user engagement days (Wednesday to Friday) are later in the workweek. Also, it’s recommended that you don’t over-promote the content and the hashtags are less successful.


Instagram is more on the fun all-purpose side of the social media continuum, so it’s popular to post at night or even late. The posting at the end of the workweek brings the most user engagement and the weekends are also pleasant. It’s also suggested that you keep your posts to only once a day.


Twitter is more professional like Linkedin. Beginning very early and end of the day and in the evening were shown to carry the best audience numbers. It depends upon the stream B2B will be best during the weekdays and B2C will be on weekends mostly. Twitter provides you a high volume than the other 3. 

Be prepared for everything:

After considering all the things I want you to be prepared for the outcome. Stay active and be ready with instant changes. On the other hand, if you guys are getting some hate comments or any comment  you are having a hard day. Just take a deep breath leave your desk for a while and then come back to respond. cause after that you’ll be able to reply more professionally.

Track the performance of social media marketing campaign:

Track the daily performance to improve more. it’s not about just one campaign. you gotta get data every single or alternate day to make changes for another campaign. or by tracking performance you can improve or add more value to your strategy and help your client to get the best ROI.


So, before running a campaign always create a roadmap that will give you a slight assumption about your campaign. And checkmarks every point that you’ve learned in this blog. And if you are looking to run a campaign with us so contact us to get connected.

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