Snowden Is Working On An iPhone Case To Prevent Data Leaks

Snowden Is Working On An iPhone Case To Prevent Data Leaks

Edward Snowden, the much-acclaimed champion of privacy and consumer rights has come up with a unique invention; one that will effectively thwart the surveillance efforts of various organizations. Since law enforcement agencies and other organizations can fool mobile devices into transmitting data even if such settings are closed, Snowden has crafted an iPhone case that will prevent such events from occurring.

Edward Snowden has collaborated with cybersecurity expert Andrew “Bunnie” Huang to craft this case. Edward Snowden was a former US National Security Agency (NSA) contractor who eventually turned into a whistleblower after witnessing the various privacy infringements that the security agency conducted on a regular basis. The collaboration will result in the formulation of a hardware solution that will prevent cellular activities of your device from being monitored.

The Next Web reported that the duo is currently working on formulating a de-facto case for the iPhones which will effectively inhibit data leakage from the device while also stamping out location monitoring that occurs through the GPS technology present in the mobile devices.

The case has been dubbed as the introspection engine and is being crafted to aid journalists that are currently working in unstable countries. However, the case will also cater to the needs of average citizens who are tired of government snooping in their private lives.

Bunnie said in a blog post that journalists working in conflictive environments risk their lives to report the atrocities of the region; their updates can alter both the tides of war and outcomes of elections and as such, they become high-value targets.

The project is in its conceptual stages at the moment and is aimed at delivering a hardware solution that will formulate a protective barrier around mobile devices. According to the project’s white paper, the case will alert the users when any of the settings are not working as they are supposed to. For instance, alerts would be issued if the smartphone is tracking or disclosing user location when it is supposed to be in airplane mode.

The duo has promised that the introspection engine would be made available to the open-source community as a module which can be attached to existing smartphones. For testing purposes, the duo has chosen the 4.7″ iPhone 6 variant.

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