SEO Strategies You Need to Follow in the Age of AI

SEO Strategies AI

The 21st century is most definitely the Age of AI. Anything can be accomplished via the push of a button. Everything is transitioning from traditional to digital. In the past, automatic vehicles were considered a monumental discovery. Nowadays, electric vehicles are becoming more popular than petrol-dependent ones, especially considering how severely global warming is impacting the globe.

In this era, mobile apps have replaced almost every manual function known to man. You can check your health conditions like blood pressure and heart rate via a mobile app or  a smart watch. You can even check out how many steps you have walked in a day thanks to an app. In earlier times, almost every business had a website of their own, and presently, almost every company has their own app.

In the United Arab Emirates, smartphone usage is at an all-time high, especially among the youth. One primary reason for the young adopting smartphone usage at a higher rate than the older population, is that they have been using mobile phones since an early age. So, they know how and where to download the latest apps.

How the Age of AI has impacted Advertising

Due to the Industrial Revolution in the 20th century, most manual workers were replaced by robots. Similarly, in the Age of AI, online jobs are outgrowing non-computer related ones. Take the case of advertising. Prior to the wide availability of the internet, print media was the go-to source for information. Most of the media was delivered via print mediums such as newspapers, flyers, brochures, etc. Rest of the news was delivered via radio and television. But in this 21st century, popular newspapers have gone fully digital, citing the massive decrease in newspaper readership across the globe.

Most of the money that print newspapers need to run monthly are funded by ad revenue. Thus, print newspapers have also gone digital not only due to a declining readership, but also because companies are hesitating to purchase ad space on a print medium. They are more willing to pay for ad space online rather than offline.

So, online advertising has taken over traditional marketing, especially in regards to this past decade.

Forms of Online Advertising

  • Social Media Marketing: Whether to send the message to the target audience via video, image, or text—social media is one of the most successful ways to advertise digitally in this Age of AI. One primary reason for its progress is that social media usage has more than doubled worldwide since the debut of Facebook in 2004.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short, is a system that influences the online visibility and ranking of a webpage in search engines (Google, Bing, etc.). With the aid of a team comprising of SEO specialists, website creators, content writers, etc., a company can have their website show up on the first page of a web search. It’s important that a website show up as early as it can on a web search as users tend to click on the top three items that appear after they have conducted a search online.


Founded in 2011 by Usman Khalid, Centric is a UAE-based digital ad agency whose local and foreign clients include Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Nutricia Danone Group, Khaleej Times, and many others. Apart from website design, app design, etc., Centric also specialises in SEO.

SEO Strategies from Centric which will help your website rank at the top

  1. Digital PR: Centric’s Digital PR services are designed to build a solid connection between what the campaign wants its stakeholders to know, and what publishers want their readers to be aware of. A proof of Centric’s efficacy with Digital PR is their own agency’s success in the field.
  2. Google Ranking Algorithms: Centric keeps websites up to date with Google updates.
  3. Backlinks: Your site’s reliability is boosted by Centric’s wide range of backlinks.
  4. Technical Audit: Centric’s in-house developers perform website audits both by manually testing websites in excess of 50+ parameters, and also digitally checking them with the aid of numerous tools.
  5. Onsite Optimization: This term comprises of verifying the quality of content, meta data, the page’s technical data, as well as the page’s shareability function. An internal linking policy and tag optimisation are also utilised. Every facet of the website is analysed by Centric’s SEO team who then give the best recommendations to improve the site.
  6. Content Optimization: Even though content is the foremost aspect of ensuring excellent SEO, its optimisation is what sets it apart from the rest. Content is not only created by the Centric team to achieve commercial goals but also to make content which encompasses a brand’s global standing.
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