Samsung Stated That China Phone Fire Is Caused Due To External Heat

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

In a recent press statement, mobile giant Samsung has made claims that the Note 7 which was alleged to have caught fire in China was damaged due to an external heating event. The statement comes in order to reassure the Chinese population that the smartphones being sold in the world’s biggest smartphone market are completely safe to use.

It should be noted that this incidence comes after the Note 7 recall has taken place across the globe including countries like South Korea and the United States. The recall was made due to the equipment having faulty batteries that caught fire spontaneously during charging or even normal use. In a statement, Samsung mentioned that they have sold a staggering 2.5 million phones that are bearing the suspected faulty batteries.

The news about the Chinese variant of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catching fire received coverage by an online Chinese magazine, Caixin, who cited an internet user’s report that stated that their phone had spontaneously caught fire. The phone was reported to have been bought from, a Chinese online retailer. This appears to be the first report of a Note 7 catching fire in the Chinese market.

Samsung stated on their Chinese website that the phone had caught fire due to damage conducted due to external heating. However, no further elaboration was mentioned in their statement.

Battery manufacturer, Amperex Technology stated separately that the battery present in the Note 7 in question was indeed manufactured by their company. Further, the company also stated that a joint investigation conducted by the Samsung team has revealed that the burn marks present on the phone were most probably due to external heating rather than being a problem in the battery.

A person, familiar with these matters, on the condition of anonymity stated that the damage was most probably due to an induction oven or a fan heater.

Last week, Samsung announced a recall of 1,858 Note 7 devices existing in the Chinese market. However, these products were distributed before the official September 1 launch. The company elaborated that the batteries used in the Note 7 after the official launch were different from the ones sold prior to the official launch.

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