Samsung Gear 360; Brief Review

Samsung Gear 360 Brief Review

Samsung, the tech giant responsible for delivering some of the most premium handsets in the market has come out with a 360-degree camera for its Galaxy Series of smartphones. The camera is known as Samsung’s Gear 360 and comes with an affordable price tag of $349.99.

The device is small, practical, and easy to use having decent video quality for a first-generation model and is undoubtedly a steal. Unsurprisingly, Gear 360 is not the first 360-degree camera to hit the consumer market with many big companies like Ricoh, LG, and Kodak crafting their own devices. However, it would not be wrong to say that Samsung has done right in making its Gear 360 one of the most user-friendly cameras in the market. This is definitely a huge deal as the 360-degree video also known as VR Video is still a relatively new trend in the market.

Just like Samsung established itself as a company that offers the best VR experience, similarly, it seems that the tech giant is aiming to target the 360-degree camera market with its new venture.


Over the years, Samsung has polished the art of designing by producing sleek gadgets that are easy to use. This is evident from its Galaxy phone, the much-improved Gear S2 smartwatch and Samsung’s critically acclaimed Gear VR Headset. The Gear 360 is a tennis-ball sized camera that fits the criteria of being small and sleek. The camera borrows the design from the old Logitech webcam, the only difference being the limited 180-degree view in the webcam. Additionally, the device is both dust and waterproof making it an ideal partner for beach photography.


The camera pairs with Samsung phones through a Bluetooth connection

Device Modes

The device comes equipped with four modes for 360-degree recording. Using them is hassle-free. The modes include time-lapse, looping video and the standard video and photo option. The looping video option allows you to create a video (up to five minutes long) that will restart playing from the beginning upon completion. For choosing the mode, you can either select it from the camera application in the phone or the actual device itself.


The footage captured from the camera was nowhere near to the likes of GoPros that cost thousands of dollars; however, the camera did surpass the standards set by LG and Ricoh.


The 360-degree camera easily outsmarts other cameras available within the price range and gives the testament of being a Samsung product by being classy and easy-to-use at the same time.

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