Samsung Galaxy S8; Rumors & Expectations

Samsung Galaxy S8

Left disappointed after the launch of Galaxy S7? Sulk no more, rumors have stated that the new breed of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will feature a dual camera setup and plenty of other exceptional features which to make you fall in love with the brand. The phone is scheduled for a 2017 release and rumors have started surfacing real early.

It has been reported that the Galaxy S8 could potentially be the first handset released by the tech goliath to sport a brilliant UHD display along with a Dual-Camera Configuration. The news comes in from a Chinese source which stated that the dual camera lens modules would be engineered by Samsung’s very own Samsung Motors (Semco).

Even though the rumors about Apple’s iPhone 7 supporting dual camera configuration have died out, however this would definitely not hinder Samsung in gaining the advantage over its closest rival in the smartphone race.

It appears that Samsung wants to come out all guns blazing for their new device and that is why they have decided to add a 4K display. The hi-res display might probably be to allow users to experience highly immersive VR content. 4K Displays, however, hog down plenty of battery so it would be interesting to see how Samsung tackles one of the biggest issues that has plagued smartphones boasting 4K Display Panels. In an era where smartphones are information processing beasts and hold critical information, it is crucial that the phone performs round the clock without dying down. Samsung has fixed the issue by exponentially increasing the battery performance on their S7 device, however we have sever doubts about the battery life on the rumored S8.

Presently, no details about the hardware of the device have surfaced. However, it is definitely safe to assume that the device will feature Samsung’s under-process SoC, Snapdragon 830. Qualcomm is working on a 10nm FinFET architecture for the Snapdragon 830. Considering the high efficiency of Snapdragon 820, we are definitely excited for the release of Snapdragon 830.

Since 4K displays are one of the highest priced panels, add Snapdragon’s latest SoC and a dual-camera configuration to the mix and you have a premium device in the making. We are expecting an incredulous price tag on the next iteration of Galaxy S Smartphone.

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