Samsung Galaxy Note 7 With 6 GB RAM, The Unavailable Beast

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 6GB RAM

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung, the tech giant has been in the news lately, mostly because of its Galaxy note 7. The rumor mill was reporting that a variant of the Galaxy Note 7 would be accommodating 6 GB of RAM bundled with 128 GB of storage. The rumors stemmed from China and Samsung has now officially confirmed that the rumors are indeed true. However, there’s a catch, the 6GB variant is not available at the moment.

The new version of the Galaxy Note 7 might be called Pro and was spotted a few days ago when Samsung filed regulatory documentation with the Chinese government. Eventually, news about the device’s existence broke out and analysts started speculating that the device would have an insane price tag.

Samsung Mobile Rumors

These rumors prompted Samsung’s Mobile Chief Koh Dong-jin to come out officially confirm the rumor. He stated that the phone will be released in China while addressing the audience during the Galaxy Note 7’s launch event which occurred in Seoul.

Mr. Koh in an interview further stated that the company is indeed reviewing the release of 128 GB tablet in the Chinese market which is coupled with 6 GB of RAM because the Chinese market aggressively markets such specifications.

When asked whether the device would be launched in other markets, the Chief said that Samsung would definitely evaluate the market potential for such a phone. However, he refused to comment about the possible release date of the Pro version of Galaxy Note 7.

In case the Note 7 doesn’t come out in a 6 GB variant, you can always opt for the cheaper alternative OnePlus 3 which has 6 GB of RAM bundled in for a much reasonable price.

It must be noted that 6 GB of RAM is an unnecessary overkill. OnePlus bundled 6 GB of RAM on their latest OnePlus 3 device and throttled it in order to save battery. This throttling resulted in Samsung’s Galaxy S7 (which runs on 4GB of RAM) beating OnePlus 3 by a considerable margin in real-life performance tests. Interestingly, once OnePlus 3 pushed the update for RAM management, the device started utilizing the additional RAM and performed exceptionally well.

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