Samsung Confirms That Note Series Will Live

Samsung Note Series

Samsung Electronics, a Korean conglomerate that is facing one of the biggest corporate nightmares for a smartphone company that is exploding cell phones. The fault occurred in the company’s premium flagship devices and was due to a faulty battery included in the smartphone. The problem was a major blow for the company and resulted in tainting the image of the Galaxy Note Series. The problem culminated in the form of a massive loss in the company’s value.

Samsung tried hard to reverse this process, making a worldwide recall of the sold smartphones. However, that didn’t work out so well, as the revised cell phones had similar reports of exploding batteries. This led to the company terminating the Note 7 altogether. The termination gave birth to various rumors such as the company pushing the Galaxy S8 earlier than its scheduled date. Another rumor was that the company is thinking of dumping the Note Series altogether, however Samsung has dispelled all these through their latest announcement.

Samsung has decided to offer an opportunity to Note 7 users in South Korea by announcing to allow users of Note 7 to upgrade to Note 8 at half the actual price. The price of the not-yet-unveiled smartphone was not revealed. This was announced amidst the ongoing recall program that is happening in South Korea. The company did not confirm whether this program would roll out to other countries.

This also confirms that the Galaxy Note lineup, one that has been Android fans’ favorite for a long time would still carry on. The company when questioned if this program would extend to other countries stated that this would depend on each country’s situation.

The announcement happens to be the latest incentive that Samsung Electronics has offered to Note 7 users in order to keep them loyal to the brand. In the US, the company is offering users $25 in credit when they refund their defective phone or if they decide to exchange it with another phone. Furthermore, if the user decides to upgrade to a Samsung phone, the credit will immediately bump up to $100.

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