Samsung About To Unveil A Reportedly Premium Chromebook; Just Like HP’s

Samsung Premium Chromebook Just like HP

Samsung Electronics is set to unveil a Chromebook this year and according to the recent rumors, it would be totally premium and in line with the latest Chromebook offering that was released by Hewlett-Packard, earlier this year.

Surprisingly, a new feature is in the works of being embedded in the Chromebook ecosystem and that is, a stylus. This would be the first time that nay Chromebook would be bestowed with a stylus and hints that the Chromebook would be following a more Android-like ethos from now.

Other specifications that have been slated for Samsung’s Chromebook includes a 12.3-inch display panel, fully equipped with touch screen capabilities and also endowed with a premium resolution of 2,400 by 1,600. The display would be able to rotate a complete 360 degrees and would come packed with slimmer than usual bezels and would have a chassis having minimal thickness of 0.5-inch. Furthermore the chassis is all-metal and would contribute to the complete weight of 2.38 pounds. The Chromebook would perform well with 4GB of RAM packed under the hood and the storage would be the standard 32GB which is the apparently the maximum storage for all cloud-centric Chromebooks. In the battery department, the device is set to perform for at least 10 hours.

Samsung has in many cases preferred its own breed of ARM processors and it seems that this time around, the Korean conglomerate has decided to stick with the same decision or at least that is what appeared on the Samsung Korea’s web page.

According to rumors, the device would be priced at a staggering $499 which is pricier when compared to the regular Chromebooks which sell between the price range of $199 and $399. However, despite that, the Chromebook is still cheaper when compared to Windows laptops which sport a similar resolution screen and an all-metal design while being less than 2.4 pounds.

It should be noted that none of the details have yet been confirmed by Samsung and the company is yet to comment on the matter.

Earlier this year, HP decided to unveil a premium Chromebook as well with the starting price being $499 and sporting stellar specifications such as the presence of a QHD+ display coupled with a 0.5-inch thick metal chassis. The offering had similar amount of RAM with an 8GB option also present. The differentiating factor was that the HP offering is equipped with either Intel Pentium 4405Y or the 6th Generation Skylake processors.

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