Rumors surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Samsung Galaxy Note 6

The Samsung Galaxy Note Series is undoubtedly one of the most popular Android handsets around and needless to say Android fans around the world push speculations and rumors. In the following article we will be covering some of the plausible rumors surrounding Samsung Galaxy Note 6.

Release date:

An Anonymous source recently released information to the media outlets which claimed that the Note 6 can be expected to hit the UK stores by August of this year. To further fan the flames, reliable leakster Evan Blass recently touted that the Note 6 will launch specifically on August 15 in the United States. We believe that the August 15 release date is definitely correct, however, the release will not be limited to the United States. Instead, it would hit the stores of multiple countries simultaneously.

It is further expected that a European-region specific Model will also be released. This claim was pushed when SamMobile took to twitter and released the model numbers of Galaxy Note 6 which included the specific model: SM-N930F. The letter F is designated for the European region. This rumor was further endorsed by Chinese leak site named Weibo.

A Korean website, The Bell recently made claims that the Note 6 would be released in July, which is contrary to other rumors. However, the website also mentioned that the phone would be running on the latest flavor of Android, which is Android N. The website also made the claim that Note 6 would be codenamed ‘Grace’.

Galaxy Note 6 Specifications:

Patently Mobile dug up a Samsung patent which shows the Note 6, resting in a laptop dock, and not only is it acting like a touchpad but also houses the processor and memory. If Samsung does work on this, then, the Note 6 would definitely be a powerhouse. Further, the patent shows the Note 6 running Windows, when it is docked in laptop mode. This may mean that in phablet mode, Android would be the standard whereas in dock mode, it would switch the operating system. An unsubstantiated report from website Tech Times talked about the Note working on a 16-core processor while housing 8 GB RAM. However, the website did not provide any sources.

A rumor mentioned that Samsung is working on two variants, only one of which would get the green signal to enter production. One is a 5.8 inch curved display while the other is flat. Both variants are blessed with QHD resolution and an enormous 4000 mAh battery.

The Note series, is usually pricey, however, they do provide a good bang for your buck. The rumors are certainly intriguing and undoubtedly it would be one beast of a phone.

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