Reviewing Sony’s Xperia X

Reviewing Sony’s Xperia X

Sony has been absent from the smartphone scene for quite a long time now. Even though Sony did release a few phones, however issues in the launches kept them from capturing the spotlight, so much that Sony was about to become irrelevant in the mobile arena.

However, all of this changes with Sony’s newest installment; Xperia X. Xperia X is part of the family which comprises of three other phones namely the Xperia XA, Xperia XA Ultra and Xperia X Performance. Xperia X proper appeals to the high budget class whereas the Xperia XA lands on the middle of the spectrum.

The Xperia X for the most part is a well balanced phone sporting a 5” display, a more than enough camera sensor. However, it lags in the SoC department where it implements the slightly slower installment of the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon series; the 650 which is supported by 3GB of RAM. The battery does appear to be on the smaller side (2620 mAh), but since it is powering up a smaller display, it will definitely cover you for a day. The camera has been listed by Sony to sport a sensor having a focal length equivalent to 24mm which is something concerning.

The designing bit can be clearly seen as an evolution of the Omni-Balance design with Sony taking many cues from this phone’s predecessor, the Xperia Z. However, Sony did bypass the aluminum frame and glass back to go in the favor of an Aluminum back which seems to have an anodized finish and a plastic frame. It would definitely be more premium if Sony would have opted for a unibody aluminum design, however, the plastic frame does offer the Xperia X with a much more accurate grip.

The button placement was quite sensible from the previous Xperia phones. The microUSB port is on the bottom, the SIM Slot and microSD tray are combined and on the left side whereas the power button is on the right and is aesthetically placed so that when you grip the phone, your thumb is in close proximity with the button. The button also serves as the fingerprint sensor and is quite snappy. The volume rocker and camera buttons are placed below the power button on the right side. The buttons have a solid feel to them.

Sony has attached a $550 tag to the Xperia X and it does justice to it for the most part. We definitely have our inhibitions with the material choice and camera sensors but this is definitely a big leap from its predecessors.

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