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Reddit Social Media Platform

Reddit, a social media platform that allows users to handpick and promote stories and content, created and published by other users. The social media platform recently took a big step by allowing integration with other social media networks. For a long time, it was a woe of the Reddit users that they could not embed the posts and discussion boards on other websites. Thankfully, Reddit has finally changed that. In the past, embedding the posts was not a thing; instead, the users could post a link to the thread or hyperlink it in their texts. The mobile-savvy people could also take a screenshot and upload the thread on their account, however, this was painstakingly tough.

The decision of the company to allow embedment into third party sites is welcomed by media sites as well as bloggers. Now, they can directly implement a seamless integration to the Reddit discussion board on their respective website. The embedment includes posts that are straddled with text as well as posts that are media-rich such as GIFs and videos.

The decision will also be welcomed by web users since this will improvise the visual experience. Reddit users have also welcomed the decision since it grants their posts, wider interaction ability and also helps them engage with third party websites users.
Mark Luckie, who currently heads the Journalism and Media department at Reddit, said that the content available on Reddit is much more insightful and robust as compared to other social platforms. Currently, the embedment feature is restricted to a few websites; however, this is expected to rise in the coming months. The methodology behind the insertion is fairly simple; it works the same way as YouTube videos and Tweets on Twitter.

The embedment will include a direct link to the post on Reddit forums and will also include other points such as:
• Post Title
• Subreddit name
• Date of sharing
• Number of points
• Number of comments
The embed functionality can be accessed by clicking on the share option which is located below the comment or post and then clicking on embed. This will guide you to a code which you can integrate with either your blog or other social media platforms.

Needless to say, the feature will get Reddit extra exposure on the online web-space and potentially means more advertising revenue. In its statement, Reddit promised that it intends to release more publisher tools while working in cohesion with its media partners.

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