Recording And Capturing The Screen Using Movavi

how to record screen on Mac

With the Movavi Movie maker you can record the content which is displayed in the Mac Screen be it video guides, video, Skype calls among others that you can record. It is one step solution for the screen recording. With the easy to use interface it will be your favorite once you start using that. It allows the user to edit the video that has been captured. With the editing features you can trim, cut the video length and add needed background music and other editing work you need. Features and the ease at which the users can use the software, make Movavi Screen Capture a must one for the Mac users who have to create lot of video guides, tutorials etc.

How to use the Movavi Screen Capture Studio

It is very easy 4 step process. Set the recording parameters, capture the screen, edit the video and save it your Mac. Let us see how to record screen on Mac. First you need to set up the screen recorder after you have installed the software. You can set the frame rate in which you want to capture and then add the music from any of the audio sources like microphone, Skype calls and MIDI devices. Once you completed this, then the recording will start. You can take High definition screen grabs while the recording is gone. Once the recording is done you can store the video in any format you required. There is also facility to schedule the auto screen capture for the scheduled time.

Once you are done with recording next thing you can do is to edit the video. You can edit the video to remove the unwanted portion and you can trim the video to several small videos if you think the length of video is little too long. Then you can add the background music to the video and enhance the video quality also. You can also add stylish transitions to the video to make it stylish. Once you are done with editing you can save the video in which ever format you are comfortable with.

There are presets available in the software which will help you to convert the movie to mobile compatible. So you can watch the movie in your tablet, smart phone and other devices. In order to use the software, you must have Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher and should have 2GB RAM and 700MB space for installation and 2 GB space for operation. You must need administrator rights for installing the Movavi Screen capture video in the Mac. You need to ensure you are not trying to capture any copy right protected video which is violation of law.

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