Reaching the Nearest Star System with Stephen Hawkinsg’s Breakthrough Starshot

Stephen Hawkinsg’s


It is indeed very hard to keep Stephen Hawking away from limelight. He, along with his esteemed colleagues has recently launched massive $100 million project in relation to exploration of space which he has named as Breakthrough Starshot having the objective of reaching the nearest system of star called Alpha Alpha Centauri which may take a span of 20 years.

Stephen Hawking along with Russian millionaire who is also a scientist and philanthropist, Yuri Milner disclosed what Breakthrough Starshot project is all about and what its major objectives are. Yuri Milner discussed that this project is all about exploring life in the universe, apart from the planet Earth. Its main objective is to discover places in the outer space that could support and benefit the human race.

Stephen Hawking believes that the divide between the nearest star system and the Earth can be transcended by the humans and that is what Breakthrough Starshot project is all about. According to him, the nearest system of star, Alpha Centauri could be reached by mankind with use of light beams and lightest and smallest spacecraft that is ever built like nanocraft which is called Starchip. Amazinly, the Starchip, which is even smaller than an iPhone could take 20 years to reach the nearest star system.

New York Times has revealed that the nearest star system Alpha Centauri is 4.37 light-years away from Earth. According to Milner, this spacecraft could take his entire life-time to be completely built, considering its lift off and return to the Earth. He further added that he will be content by just witnessing the lift of this spacecraft from the Earth. Both the scientists have estimated that in order to complete the project, it may take $5 to $10 billion.

Hawking ended up by adding that his team is committed to materialize the next great cosmos because being humans, our nature is to fly.


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