Qualcomm Unveils Their Fastest Offering Yet; Snapdragon 821

Qualcomm Snapdragon 821

Qualcomm, the company behind the Snapdragon chipsets announced their fastest chipset at the moment; the Snapdragon 821. The new chipset is an exponential upgrade on the company’s present SoC lineup and brings in a lot of raw processing power while fixing many issues of its predecessors. The chip is a leap forward from the mobile chips present in current flagships like LG’s G5 and Samsung’s Galaxy S7.

The chipset which was announced by Qualcomm on Monday is a notch faster than the Snapdragon 820 which was the company’s fastest chip until the official announcement of the new chip. The 821 SoC chipset is not only aimed at mobile phones, instead, the chipset will be targeting other markets like tablets, drones, virtual reality headsets and even drones.

In comparison, the new chipset is 10 percent faster than its predecessor and while on the subject of comparison, the chip would also drain less juice as compared to the previous variants. After the release, smartphone buyers should keep their eyes peeled when looking at the specifications of their next potential smartphone to check whether it houses the newer 821 chipset or the older 820.

As of this moment, Qualcomm is the alpha amongst the multitude of mobile chip companies present out there; with Intel taking the hint and forfeiting the mobile chip manufacturing race. Qualcomm is known for releasing upgrades to their top-tier chips. The first of such chip was the Snapdragon 800, which released a bump in the form of Snapdragon 801, back in 2014. The bump is mainly, performance and graphics improvements with slightly better power efficiency.

The new 821 chipset is touted to have graphic improvements which would make the chip better equipped to manage Google’s newly released mobile VR Platform, Daydream. The chip also has the capabilities to process 4K video on external displays. The new chip is, however, getting branded with the same integrated modem as its predecessor which would allow it to support download speeds of up to 600Mbps.

The chip’s CPU was reported to operate at speeds of 2.4 GHz and would be based on Qualcomm’s own microarchitectural code which goes by the name of Kryo. Apart from this, Qualcomm refused to entertain and satisfy any queries saying that additional information pertaining to the mobile chips would be released at a later date. However, it is safe to assume that the chip would easily support LPDDR4 memory and Windows 10 Mobile; something that works easily with its predecessor as well.

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