Privacy Policy

AT Socialtech360, our readers are our asset. We give you paramount importance, therefore, we give respect to your privacy. We want you to know and understand how the information that we gather from you is used and protected by our company. We assure you that we never collect the information from you with the intention of selling it to any other parties.

Personal information that we gather:

When the users (you) access our website, there is various forms of data that is acquired by our website which include but is not limited to IP address of the user, name, location, browser used for opening our website, ISP, the duration for which the user stayed on our website, the pages opened by the user and other forms of information that we are allowed legally to obtain from the users of our website.

There are legal rules and regulations which govern the privacy of the users and we have a legal obligation to follow those regulations. We assure you that every website collects this form of data from the users in order to provide better user experience in the future.

We assure our users that the gathered information is never disclosed, sold or released to any third parties without your consent with the exception of any legal requirements, if they may arise.

Use of Cookies on our website for collecting information

Our website uses cookies to gather information about the user’s preferences and interests in order to provide better and improved user experience on our website. The cookies will be send to your browser upon your first visit to our website.

This information is automatically collected from the device or the web browser you are using to browse through our website. It is meant to help us in understanding how our users are using our services and for targeting advertisements to them according to their interests and preferences.

We also use third party advertisements for supporting the monthly expenditures of the company. For this cookies prove to be useful. These companies make use of the information gathered through cookies (it does not disclose any of your personal information like name, email address or contact) related to your website visiting habits that are stored in your browsing history. This helps them to provide you with relevant and meaningful advertisements that are according to your interests and preferences.

You can disable cookies anytime if you do not wish to receive and see any advertisements while visiting our website. Rest assured that your information is secure with us and will not be disclosed to any other party unless there is some legal obligation or requirement.

In case you have any concerns regarding our privacy policy, working on our website or want to have more information about how the cookies work to obtain the information that is used by advertising companies, you can get in touch with us through email:

Our support team will be pleased to help your queries and will try our best to address your concerns in a professional way.

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