Powerful Instagram Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business

Instagram Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business

Who ever thought Instagram was going to be one of the best marketing tools of all time? While it can be quite intimidating and a daunting thing to tackle, it’s one of the effective and most entrepreneur-friendly marketing avenues. Not only should you have fun with it but you should also take advantage of the unlimited strategies that could work for your business! Since there are so many, we thought we would narrow down the selection of some of our favorite, most tried-and-true strategies. So read on and get ready for some fact-proven Instagram marketing strategies that are sure to boost your business!

Culture-Inclusive Branding

You could do hours of research when it comes to learning about branding, and it is very important. You can have your color scheme, photos and brand-vibe in check, but things are about to take a shift when it comes to reaching your followers through branding. Pretty soon, you’re going to be seeing a lot of culture creation. With the intense algorithms that we’re all trying to beat, brands are starting to realize that gaining quality over quantity followers is the only way to be really successful on social media. Instead of going on a following rampage, brands are going to pay attention to their market – how they live their lives and what they value. From here, they are going to form their own culture and lifestyle instead of fully relying on branding. They’re going to do this through things like captions and videos. People are really starting to pay attention to what is being said on social media rather than the pretty photos on a feed.

Preferred Collaborators

To form a sense of culture online, there must be numerous like-minded people working together. The reason for networking is to find people you will enjoy working with and those who will help you make things happen with your business, and vice versa. Once you find these people, you’ll want to hold on to them and start to form genuine relationships. You are there to help each other become successful but also form a unit that enjoys creating and producing quality, consistent content. So how can this be a part of your Instagram strategy? You will be able to share similar photos across your feed, tag each other and increase your engagement, and continue to meet people who are in favor of you and your business. This is very similar to a marketing sales funnel!

Content Calendar

This just means creating the ultimate schedule for your Instagram posting. It is more for keeping your business on track and organized without you being there every step of the way. By forming a content calendar, you have the ability to schedule your posts weeks or even months ahead of time. You should have broad goals of how often you want to post and what you want to post about. So that you stick to those goals, you will make sure to include them in your content calendar every month. We recommend planning your month-to-month schedule in the middle of each month. This will make sure to break up the planning so that you don’t exhaust your creativity. With a content calendar comes an Instagram scheduler. If you love to plan out the aesthetic of your feed, we recommend using Planoly. If your photos are quite similar and don’t need too much feed arrangement, we recommend using Grum.

Refined Engagement

As we stated before, brands are going to start focusing on quality followers versus quantity. This allows a culture to form quickly and gives them a way to work around the algorithms but still have increasing engagement. What exactly is engagement? It’s a brand’s social involvement that can be measured by likes, comments and follows. You can keep track of the types of people engaging with your brand through recorded statistics. Once you find at least 10-20 accounts you want engaging with your brand (and vice versa) start keeping track of whether they comment on your posts or respond when you leave comments. How often do they like your photos? What photos do they react to the most? Once you establish those loyal followers and recognize what they love to see, continue engaging with them. Check and see what accounts are following and liking their posts and give them a follow as well. It’s also important to tag the people involved in your photos, re-posting any user-content or content from other brands you love, and marking your locations. This is what keeps you in your follower’s “explore” page.

Relevant Research

Staying up to date means researching the ever-changing trends of Instagram. Don’t let this scare you, though! Knowledge is power and knowing the new things that Instagram has to offer and what people want from social media allows you to be proactive and contain brand-relevancy. Each month, set some time aside strictly for research. Focus on what big brands are doing and what your competitors are doing when it comes to their Instagram. To learn about all of the different trends, follow social media blogs like Later, Planoly and Buffer. They have tailored blog posts that are all about the newest thing in social media, specifically Instagram. When you include research into your social media strategy, you find out how to include SEO practices such as efficient hashtags and page-tagging. For example, if you post a quality photo of food, you’ll want to tag all of the top national and local food pages and hashtags.

Feed Consistency

Although we never thought we’d see the day, a perfectly consistent Instagram feed is starting to be the least important marketing strategy. However we aren’t out of the woods yet, making sure you have a consistent theme still makes a difference. Your followers may not hold it against you but making sure the first 8 photos of your feed are cohesive is important for new page visitors. It’s like a first impression in real life. New page visitors won’t take as much time to read through your captions or even visit your website if they aren’t impressed within the first 3 seconds of viewing your feed. Just like any marketing tactic (past, present, or future) establishing an appealing display is half the battle!

While no brand is perfect and always conquering things like algorithms and a perfect feed just isn’t realistic, there are so many strategies that can help get you and your business organized. The main thing you’ll want to focus on is that the world of marketing is so much better and way more affordable than it used to be. Take advantage and for the sake of your business, let your creativity be more unstoppable than an algorithm!

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