Pokémon Go’s Demo Video Appears For Microsoft HoloLens

Pokémon Go Demo Video Appears For Microsoft HoloLens

A video has emerged online which previews an unofficial demo of the highly addictive Pokémon Go being played on Microsoft’s HoloLens. The video shows the potential that HoloLens holds in terms of virtual reality.

Pokémon Go is a highly addictive title crafted by Niantic Labs, a Google-funded startup. The game is currently limited to Android and iOS, however, the unofficial video demo shows what the game would look like on HoloLens which is Microsoft’s holographic headset.

The video was crafted by CapitolaVR with the aid of Unity engine and HoloLens SDK. The video is obviously an unofficial demo; however, it gives a definite glimpse of how the game would look like on HoloLens.

The video was uploaded on Twitter and posted by David Robustelli who is the Digital Head at CapitolaVR. The video exhibits a player pinching his thumb to throw a PokeBall at various characters from the Pokémon franchise. The ball then ricochets back to the player after hitting the creature.

Robustelli added that the Pokémon visible in the video were randomly generated for a given environment and at the moment only a single gesture has been developed. But he also pointed out that his team is working rigorously to add more gestures.

The demo creators stated that they are aiming to integrate Google Maps for Pokémon Go which would enable them to use the application on the HoloLens. Robustelli also added that many developers would create programs for the platform owing to the high potential in HoloLens.

It must be pointed out that Niantic Labs, the developers behind Pokémon Go do not have any working relation with CapitolaVR, the creators of the demo. Further, the game studio has no intention to develop any game based on the unofficial demo. The demo was basically an experiment to highlight the endless possibilities that HoloLens beholds.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft was keen to point out that the increasing popularity of the game might prove beneficial for HoloLens

Pokémon Go was released on 6 July in various countries across the world. The game has gained a phenomenal following crossing the 8 million download mark within a week. The application is available for download on both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

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