Pokémon Go Servers Crash Due To A DDoS Attack

pokemon go

Pokémon Go, the most downloaded gaming title across both platforms namely iOS and Android had its servers brought down a few hours ago. One hacking group has claimed the responsibility for the attack. The attack was of DDOS nature. The hacking group took to Twitter to announce that they have hacked the servers. The group known as PoodleCorp has made claims that they are behind the attack; however, this is yet to be verified. The group also retweeted a post by another user who claims to be the leader of this cyber collective. The leader of the group who bears the name XO has stated that this was a minor attack, and a bigger attack will soon follow. PoodleCorp has been responsible for a number of cyber attacks; the group was recently involved in targeting high-profile YouTubers such as Pewdiepie.

A DDOS attack or Distributed Denial of Service is basically when cyber criminals or hackers flood the servers with an enormous number of requests. This renders the servers unable to cope and eventually leads to server crashes. On Saturday, various users of the game across Europe and US fumed that they were unable to access the game and the game was lagging frequently. After the news of the attack spread across social media, many people tweeted and posted status updates voicing their outrage and disappointment at the attack.

Prior to this, the servers of the game crashed soon after the release of the game due to the unprecedented demand that the game received. The issue, however, was promptly fixed.

Pokémon Go is one stellar title that was crafted by the creative minds at Niantic Labs (a startup spun out of Google), the folks behind another GPS-based game, Ingress. Further, Nintendo has also played a contributing role in the formation of the game as the company owns a percentage of the Pokémon franchise’s share. Pokémon Go has broken records and recently crossed the 8 million mark in terms of downloads. Another report recently stated that the game has surpassed Twitter in terms of active users. It is highly unfortunate that the game’s servers were crashed just to earn a few laughs. No statement has yet been made by Niantic Labs.

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