Opera Confirms Hacking Of Sync Servers

Opera Confirms Hacking Of Sync Servers

Opera, the Norway-based web browser company has recently released an announcement which confirmed that the company has indeed had its sync servers hacked which might have potentially exposed user passwords. In its announcement, the company warned its users about the possible security threat they face due to the breach in the system. The company does, however, claim that it efficiently curbed the attack during its initial stages, but, there is still a chance of compromise of confidential user data.

In its blog post, the company stated that there was an attack made on the servers earlier last week, and the attack was promptly dealt with. The company did mention that the user data was encrypted, however, since sync servers house some of the most secure data, such as, login names and essential account information; the company doesn’t want its users taking any chances.

As a result of this breach, Opera has already reset the Opera Sync account passwords as the first precautionary measure while sending out an email to all users reporting about the incident while also requesting them to change their account passwords. The company also recommends resetting of passwords linked to third-party websites which have been synchronized with the website. It must be noted that users who have not opted for Opera Sync service do not need to make any updates to their passwords.

Opera Sync was a service launched by Opera which allowed users to sync their web browser’s settings and other data across different devices. According to the company’s statistics, the total number of active users of the service recorded in the last month is approximately 1.7 million which is a meager amount (0.5{4b8db105d51fc49c1c727c21ad8f1560ea0d09dcad6eb0845e46ab84b524419d}) when compared to the total Opera user base which recently surpassed the 350 million users mark.

Last month, Opera was in the limelight due to the acquisition of the company by a Chinese consortium which is led by Golden Brick Silk Road. The company acquired Opera’s browsers, both mobile, and desktop. News like this, a month after the acquisition of the company raises a lot of questions.

Recently, Opera also unveiled an unlimited VPN application which was coupled with ad-blocker for the Android platform.

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