OnePlus 3T vs The Best of Apple, Samsung and Google

OnePlus 3T vs Apple vs Samsung vs Google

OnePlus, a company known primarily for the different and highly effective method of marketing came out with a slightly tweaked but highly energetic flagship killer. The new phone by OnePlus is known as OnePlus 3T and is a continuation of the company’s OnePlus 3. The company stated that it went with the letter T because most companies use the letter S for the premium models that carry the legacy of. It should be noted that the company timed its new device in a peculiar fashion. Most companies wait for a period of at least 12 months before unveiling a new phone cycle. However, OnePlus is unique in the sense that the company unveiled the new flagship 6 months after their last device.

The new device features an upgrade in various aspects of the phone. The processor has been improvised to include the latest iteration of Snapdragon’s SoC 821. The battery capacity has also been enhance and a better front camera has also been included in the setup. The pricing starts at $439 for the 64GB base-version and goes up to $479 for 128GB.

In our blog we will stack the OnePlus 3T against some of the biggest and highly expensive flagship devices.

OnePlus 3T

The phone has received an overhaul in terms of battery getting a 3,400mAh as compared to the previously 3,00mAh Battery. In the front camera department, the device will now feature a 16MP camera. OnePlus 3T launched with Android Marshmallow but will get a flavor of Nougat before the year ends.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

The new iPhone by Apple has received minor upgrades. The most notable of which are the new A10 quad-core processing chip and a dual camera setup on the iPhone 7 Plus. The camera department is where iPhone gives most phones a run for their money and OnePlus 3T is no exception. In terms of processing power on paper, the A10 Chip is definitely superior; however there would be a negligible difference in real-life.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

With the Note 7 terminated, the Galaxy S7 is the current true flagship device of the Samsung. This makes the S7, the oldest device put in the comparison. OnePlus 3T definitely has the edge in terms of processing power, however S7 takes the lead when it comes to battery timing and there is the smooth curvy display to root for as well. The camera slightly surpasses the OnePlus 3T; however it would be a tough call to choose the best one and depends highly on user preferences.

Google Pixel XL

Pixel is the first device to carry the official Google logo on its back and holds the edge in terms of Camera prowess as it carries by far, the best camera on any smartphone. OnePlus 3T has the edge due

to its 6GB RAM, however Pixel easily surpasses the difference due to stock android and better optimization of the software. Pixel also leads all Android devices in terms of upgrades and also includes the best of Google (including the Voice Assistant). The Pixel outshines the OnePlus 3T but fails to offer a better value for money as was noticeable in the Nexus lineup.

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