Nokia’s new XG Cable; boasting 10Gbps of upstream and downstream speeds

Nokia’s new XG Cable; boasting 10Gbps of upstream and downstream speeds

Nokia, the innovative Finnish Firm is back at it again and this time has demonstrated the implementation of 10 Gbps of symmetrical data transfer speeds over the traditional Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) Cables such as the ones implemented by Virgin Media in the United Kingdom.

Nokia’s prototype trumps BT’s 5Gbps trials and Nokia has labelled their innovative cable technoilogy as XG Cable. The prototype is still at its proof of concept stage, however, it will easily blend in the DOCSIS 3.1 requirements. DOCSIS 3.1 is a suite of specifications that is aimed at providing the cable operators with new innovations that will completely transform the cable industry segment.

DOCSIS can be defined as a set of standards which govern the data access over cable TV networks and DOCSIS 3.1 was designed with the aim of enabling downstream capacity of 10 Gbps and 1Gbps of data upstream. However, Nokia leaped a step further and designed a prototype that can implement speed speeds of 10 Gbps both upstream and downstream.

Even though the technology is still at an early stage of development and no release date has been specified or speculated up till yet. However, Nokia Bell Labs demonstrated the technology by integratintg the current existing HFC networks. The current HFC networks have a fiber optic cable which is employed to connect to the cabinets in the streets and then coaxial copper cable lines are used for distributing the network to the premises of the end-customer.

According to the statement by Nokia, the prototypical XG Cable gives high hopes that at some time in the near future, cable operators will be able to use the last 200 metres of the existing HFC cables to provide upstream speeds that were unachievable in the current limited spectrum.

Federico Guillén, the president of fixed networks at Nokia stated that the proof-of-concept of XG cable is a great example of Nokia’s commitment to providing the cable industry with much needed innovation while effectively addressing the demand of Gigabit services.

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