Nintendo’s NES Making A Comeback; Preloaded with 30 Games

Nintendo Re Release NES Games

Nintendo has a plan to make the Christmas season much more exciting by re-releasing the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Classic edition. The NES will come equipped with 30 games out of the box.

The company just recently announced that a mini-replica of its highly acclaimed console, NES, which was first released back in 1985, would make a comeback this year and will be available for buying starting November 11. The system has gotten a modest price tag of $59.99.

The device has been named as NES Class Edition and will come in a really small form factor that can fit right in the palm of your hand. The design is similar to the original NES, just smaller. The device will come equipped with an HDMI port which would be used for TV connectivity. The power supply would come with the aid of an AC Adaptor whereas a classic controller is also included as part of the package. Additional controllers would cost $9.99.

The games preloaded in the NES Classic Edition include some of the classic Nintendo hits such as the first three Super Mario Bros games, the first two installments from the Zelda Series, Mega Man 2, Excitebike and Metroid 2.

President of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime issued a statement in which he said that they want to provide fans with the opportunity to revisit the original Nintendo device while rediscovering why the fell in love with the company.

It seems that Nintendo aims to tap into the nostalgic sentiments of its fans to propel sales of its devices. Undoubtedly the strategy has worked exceptionally well and the prime example is Pokémon Go, an app which gained enormous traction overnight and according to recent stats by SimilarWeb, has surpassed the usage numbers for Twitter.

Even though, Nintendo wasn’t entirely responsible for the mobile game and it is basically a work of mobile development studio, Niantic Inc., a startup which was established by Google last year. However, a percentage of the Pokémon franchise is owned by Nintendo and the game appeals to pretty much the same age group that grew up while playing the NES.

Nintendo hasn’t really fared well in the console department especially with disappointing sales of its recent console, Wii U which competes against juggernauts like Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4. Let’s hope NES makes its impact in the market. In the background, Nintendo is also working on their new console, the details of which have been mostly kept in the dark. The console is named NX and is expected to roll out in 2017.

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