Nexus Sailfish: Recent Images Confirm Metal & Glass Design

Nexus Sailfish

It is that time of the year when the rumor mill starts spinning out details about the upcoming flagship device from Google’s Nexus lineup. The company’s smartphones are one of the last devices to come out in the year and set a benchmark for other Android devices. The most attractive thing about Nexus phones is the fact that they come with the latest Android version installed.

Needless to say, the last few days have been joyous for Nexus fans all around the world as they got to hear more about the upcoming Nexus devices. The excitement was generated primarily due to the leaked specs which later on got complemented by renders of the phone which surfaced all across the internet. Many eager fans got their first look at the rumored Nexus and the common opinion about the device was that it is downright gorgeous.

The renders are based upon a blurred close-up image of a phone which is claimed to be the 2016 HTC Nexus. The device in the picture can be seen sporting a fingerprint sensor and glass on the rear section. The picture was posted on Twitter with the aid of an anonymous account. It is being rumored that the upcoming Nexus would feature cohesion of metal and glass.

From the design standpoint, the 2016 Nexus looks like a cross between the older Nexus and the iPhone owing to the glass back of the device. More images of the device have surfaced online which second the rumors and stated that a metal and glass design is indeed true and it belongs to the smaller of the two Nexus devices which are slated for launch this year.

The image that surfaced on Twitter matches the descriptions and mockups that were previously released exhibiting a mobile bearing a glass and metal body. The image further shows a camera and flash on the top left corner of the phone while a headphone port is visible on the top right edge of the phone.

The latest leaked images confirm the glass and metal rumors. The “G” logo which the device was rumored to bear was missing from the device but that might be because it was a prototype and might still make it on the final version of the product. Further, the device was much thinner in comparison to the previous pictures.

No official date about the launch of the 2016 Nexus has been made; however, rumors point to an October 4 launch.

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