New Moto X? Read Moto Z

New Moto X Read Moto Z.

Lenovo’s Motorola subsidiary has planned on steering their ship towards a different direction this year. After three splendid years of selling their flagship phones under the widely appreciated Moto X brand, the company has decided to make a not-so-drastic change by looking two letters down the alphabet series and replacing the letter X with the alphabet Z.

Even though, it is fairly uncommon for big guns in the mobile industry to change the branding of their flagship devices (iPhone, Galaxy Series by Samsung, G Series by LG, Nexus series by Google). However, this change in flagship branding would be third occurrence this year. HTC changed their brand game by opting to call their 2016 flagship device as HTC 10 as opposed to the ‘One’ brand they had been using since 2012. Sony, on the other hand, moved in the direction opposite to Motorola by changing their flagship series from Xperia Z to Xperia X.

Moto Z Style or Moto Z Pure

Reports surfaced last week about Motorola working on two flagship devices, each of would be in the 5.5 inch zone and are codenamed as ‘Vertex’ and ‘Vector Thin’. Now, more reports have emerged about their final naming, and, it appears that Motorola has tried to bridge the new branding with the old one. The premium flagship, Vector Thin, would get the name Moto Z Style, or Moto Z Pure (varying with location), whereas, the Vertex would be branded as Moto Z Play.

Further, it has been reported that in order to maintain the branding consistency, Verizon Wireless’ Droid Version of these Motorola phones will also get a naming tweak. Droid Turbo and Droid Maxx? They will now be a thing of the past and will be replaced by the branding ‘Droid Edition’. Something like, Moto Z Play – Droid Edition.

And finally, the modular backplates – including the stereo speakers, premium camera grip with the optical zoom lens and Pico projector – modules that Lenovo and Motorola are relying on to make an impact on the heavily saturated marketplace will now be retailed not as Amps, but, instead as MotoMods.

The entire Motorola ecosystem (modules and phones) is expected to unveil in the Lenovo Tech World Show occurring in San Francisco, starting on June 9.

Goodbye Moto X, you’ve been a good partner for 3 amazing years.

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