Motorola Takes A Jab At Apple And Samsung With ‘SkipTheSevens’ Campaign

Motorola Apple and Samsung

It seems that Motorola has decided to play things on the offensive, this time, around by posting an ad that openly mocks the top-sellers in the smartphone market namely, Apple and Samsung. The advertisement campaign launched by Motorola goes with the tagline #SkipTheSevens. After the new iPhone’s ceremonial launch, the tech community was waiting for competitors to take a jab at Apple for removing the headphone jack. Usually, Samsung is the one to poke fun at Apple, however, it seems that the tech giant is busy cleaning up its explosive sales this year and has decided to overlook the iPhone.

This is where Motorola comes in to pick up the torch. The Lenovo-owned company launched a completely sarcastic ad to mock the premium flagship devices, Apple’s iPhone 7 and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 while pitching the company’s flagship device, Moto Z as the ideal phone. In order to run its campaign, the company acquired a full page of advertisement space in The New York Times.

In its advertisement, the company states that when the first iPhone came out it was a game-changer and it knocked Motorola off. However, that was nine years ago. Further, the ad goes on to call out smartphone manufacturers of today, saying that they push in new phones with moderate improvements in terms of display size, processing power or camera quality. However, none of the new devices is an actual game-changer. While stating this, the company admits to following the same philosophy; however this time around they intend to try something new and different.

Unsurprisingly, Motorola’s answer to the ‘sevens’ is its own flagship device, the Moto Z. The differentiating factor of the device according to Motorola is its seamless connectivity with Moto Mods, which are basically snap-on modules that confer various capabilities to the device. The mods available include an additional battery, Hasselblad camera that bestows 10x optical zoom, JBL’s stereo attachment and last but not the least, a 70-inch Projector add-on.

The company has also released a YouTube video which shows a group of tech enthusiasts watching the iPhone 7 with disinterest; after this, Motorola’s Moto Z comes into the picture and tinges their excitement.

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